Chesterton High School Cadet Teachers Participate in JA in a Day

Chesterton-High-School-Cadet-Teachers-Participate-in-JA-in-a-Day-2018_01 Chesterton High School and Junior Achievement (JA) of Chicago participated in a JA in a Day program at Bailly Elementary School on October 10. The 23 CHS students that participate in the cadet teacher program taught 20 JA programs to over 400 Bailly students in grades K-4.

This collaboration allowed the CHS students to fulfill their required senior service hours as well as gain valuable teaching experience to fulfill requirements for the cadet teaching program. It also allowed Bailly Elementary to participate in a whole-school JA program.

Chesterton-High-School-Cadet-Teachers-Participate-in-JA-in-a-Day-2018_02 The CHS students will also be eligible for scholarships through Junior Achievement’s High School Heroes program. Junior Achievement provides programs that teach financial literacy, responsibility, and entrepreneurship to students in grades K-12.

For more information, please contact Kris Engel, JA Operations Manager, at For more information about the CHS cadet teaching program, contact Elena Nelson at