Chester Inc., Wayne Enterprises cut the ribbon on Vale View Apartments

Chester Inc., Wayne Enterprises cut the ribbon on Vale View Apartments

Chester Inc. and Wayne Enterprises commemorated the end of years of planning, developing, and building on Thursday as they cut the ribbon on Vale View, a mixed-use residential and apartment complex located right in the heart of Valparaiso at 260 South Franklin Street.

A stylish, multi-facet building, Vale View offers a number of state-of-the-art amenities and high-tech infrastructural solutions. Built-in gas grills, a below ground garage with auto power charging stations, garbage chutes, private elevators, and a unique solar power system are all Rich Shields’, Director of Marketing & Business Development, favorite aspects of the building.

“We take a lot of pride in this building, from conception to completion,” Shields said. “From the design to the amenities, it’s really an impressive and uniquely conceptual multi-development here in downtown Valparaiso.”

Even though the ribbon was cut today, Vale View is already almost full. All but one of the residential apartments are occupied, and the commercial spaces are filled with popular shops such as Fluid Coffeebar’s Bosco Store.

“Downtown Valpo vibrancy is a very good place, logistically, for commercial businesses to thrive,” said Shields. “While providing a very contemporary residential space for tenants looking for higher-scaled amenities and ease of maintenance-free living. There were no higher-quality, aesthetic corners cut on this.”

The solar energy system built into Vale View is one-of-a-kind in Indiana. No other commercial building in the state is equipped with one, and it offsets roughly 75 percent of the building’s main energy meter use. Chester Inc. worked with Emergent Solar energy to install the system.

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“I was intrigued with this project because it’s downtown right in the middle of a somewhat older neighborhood,” said Jeremy Lipinski, Managing Partner at Emergent Solar Energy. “Companies that usually want solar are manufacturing facilities in rural or suburban locations. Having a solar system like this in a downtown area is really unique and special.”

Chester Inc. is unique among contractors in that they handle the architecture, design, and construction of a project in-house, with close input from the owners of their projects. Wayne Enterprises had big plans for Vale View from the start, and Chester Inc. worked with them to make them a reality.

“Chester Inc.’s design expertise really helped me finalize some of the design aspects of the interiors and what not, which was awesome,” said Matthew Welter, CEO of Wayne Enterprises. “Their help with managing the day-to-day of the build, but especially in dealing with the city, variances, and getting approvals and permits made my life so easy. It was definitely worth it to partner up with them.”

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