Chester celebrates 75 years with music and local vendors at Central Park Plaza

Chester celebrates 75 years with music and local vendors at Central Park Plaza

To celebrate its 75th anniversary, Chester, Inc. rented out the William E. Urschel Pavilion and the Northwest Health Amphitheater at Central Park Plaza in Valparaiso on Friday, August 12. Bluewater Kings Band took to the stage as over 300 attendees floated between Vienna Beef, Ricochet Tacos, Tomato Bar Pizza Bakery, Noaks Popcorn, Blockhead Beerworks, and Valpo Velvet to satisfy their cravings from Mexican food to soft serve.

Chester 75th Anniversary Party 2022

Chester 75th Anniversary Party 2022 112 Photos
Chester 75th Anniversary Party 2022Chester 75th Anniversary Party 2022Chester 75th Anniversary Party 2022Chester 75th Anniversary Party 2022

“We've established friendships with a lot of these respected businesses over the years. They're all local businesses,” said Rich Shields, Director, Marketing and Business Development at Chester. “We were able to collaborate and design what we agreed upon would be best suited for the anniversary venue, and they were able to oblige our requests. Extreme compliments from all attendees, so it’s turned out well.”

After being established in 1947 by local legends Orville Redenbacher and Charles Bowman, Chester has grown exponentially, even in the face of recessions and other challenges. Following in the steps of his father, Chairman & CEO Emeritus Pete Peuquet, Sales Representative Tony Peuquet started working at Chester at the beginning of a recession and witnessed how Chester was able to rebuild and rethink business in the face of adversity.

“There was a phase of innovation, new ideas, and things that become necessary out of an economic change. I am proud of our ability to innovate, adapt, and change,” Tony Peuquet said.

This aptitude for innovation dates further back than the recession of the early 2000s. Pete Peuquet explains that innovation has been at the heart of Chester since its inception.

“Chester has been an ‘idea’ company ever since our Orville and Charlie bought the company, and I've kind of followed the steps in regard to buying them,” he said. “I thought the same thing; that we might as well come up with different ideas and develop them as they did. That has been very successful for us.”

With this level of creativity and determination, Chester has left a positive impression on the Region as a whole.

“Having quality builders like Chester, Inc is so important to us from an attraction perspective, as well as helping the companies that we have here grow,” said President and CEO of the Northwest Indiana Forum Heather Ennis. “They can showcase their best work all around the Region of things that they've already done and accomplished in their 75 years. It's really fun to watch what they've done and celebrate with them. We can't wait for them to be around for another 75 years.”

State Senator Ed Charbonneau grew up in the Region and came back for the people; people like the staff members at Chester, Inc.

“We're in the business of people in relationships, and the way Chester treats its employees is phenomenal. Chester has good people and good leadership. It's a great place to grow a family.”

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