CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana plan continual growth

CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana plan continual growth

Every company dreams of growth and success, but in some cases, it can take decades to establish a solid foundation as a business. On top of this, many struggle to make it through their early years of business and build success for the long haul. This isn’t the case for CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana, as they have managed to rise above and beyond in just six short years to become one of the most trusted painting companies in the Region.

“Our President and Owner John Jordan started the business six years ago and then I came on about a year after that,” said Mark Powers, Director of Residential Services. “It’s been amazing to see it grow the way it has. To get to where we have in such a short amount of time is pretty amazing, and it all goes back to the incredible staff we’ve hired on over the last few years.”

“We’ve added a lot of people, but have also maintained that core group that was there in the beginning,” Jordan explained. “It’s awesome to still see them around. We have stake in what we do for each other, and it’s great to see our business grow.”

Since its inception, CertaPro Painters has shown continual expansion, adding more projects year after year.

“When I first started here we were busy, but I wasn’t working as many projects as I’d like to,” said Subcontractor Michael Kolbus. “Since then, it has just exploded! We have a lot of advertising going out there, we have so many projects now it’s almost insane!”

Part of CertaPro’s advertising involves social media marketing, a tactic used to further stimulate company growth and extend their consumer reach within the Region.

“We’re doing a lot more on social media,” said Jackiet Coover, Commercial Marketing Associate for CertaPro. “We’ll still do the traditional billboards, commercials, and radio ads that come from the corporate franchise, but in our own office we’re making a huge push to do more with social media in order to show off all of the projects we’re working on.”

This new marketing strategy aims to spread awareness about all the services CertaPro offers and tackle any misconceptions people might have about what they can do.

“A lot of people weren’t aware that we did commercial properties, they thought it was strictly residential,” Coover continued. “We also find some people that think we only do interior and not exterior, but in reality, we do both! Involving more digital marketing is a better way for our local customers to really see all the services that we offer.”

CertaPro’s growth can be attributed to many factors, including their excellent team communication and culture development. This was especially evident in their monthly production meetings, the most recent of which was held Tuesday evening.

“The meeting is a safety meeting first and foremost, but it’s also a time we can get together and tell stories, visit with each other and build comradery,” said Jamie Heintz, CertaPro Office Manager. “We’re like a big family, so it’s nice to get everybody together because we don’t get to do it that often.”

Team culture is another crucial element that sets CertaPro apart. Everyone is valued, from office employees to subcontractors and employee painters.

“We consider our field employees our partners in painting,” Jordan continued. “We depend on them to do the work for the customers, and we value them the same way we value the people in the office, if not more in some cases, because we know how hard they work.”

This family-oriented atmosphere has established a staying culture that employees don’t want to leave.

“There may be other opportunities out there, and anyone can chase dollars all they want, but I think when people know that the individuals driving the business from a strategic, organizational perspective are looking out for their best interest, that’s when they stick around,” Jordan said.

“That’s what we do here,” Jordan continued. “through the ups and downs, our people know how hard we fight for them to always have projects to be working on so they can provide for their families, even in the slower winter months.”

CertaPro has shown exceptional growth and expansion in the past six years alone, and shows no signs of slowing down.

“We want to break into more of the commercial market,” Powers said. “We’ve done a couple of really big projects with hotels that we’d like to get into a little more; continuing to build relationships is the biggest thing for us.”

“Our goal is to be the number one painter in northwest Indiana,” added Heintz. “I think we’re well on our way!”

To learn more about CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana and their top-tier services, visit https://northwest-indiana.certapro.com/.