CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana looking to expand team

CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana looking to expand team

At CertaPro Painters® of Northwest Indiana, each member of the dedicated and experienced team knows that a fresh coat of paint is so much more than a color to cover a wall – it represents a transformation. Looking to be apart of this transformation? CertaPro Painters might just be looking for you, too.

Offering both part and full-time positions, CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana is looking for seasoned painters as well as with those who are new to the field.

“We never turn someone away just because they don’t have years of experience at the time that they submit their application,” said Mark Powers, Director of Operations at CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana.

CertaPro offers an extensive training program, known as their five-star certification program, that can last anywhere from 2-4 years depending on a painter’s prior knowledge and skillset.

“We have a very in-depth training process that we put our new painters through, and the length depends solely on the painter and how fast they progress,” Powers said.

At the beginning of the hiring process, CertaPro begins looking for new team members internally with the help of current referrals from employees.

“Our current team members have generally been in the business anywhere from 5 to 20 years, so they usually know of people who are looking for work and who would be a great addition to the team,” Powers said.

Each new employee brings something to the team, which helps CertPro Painters of Northwest Indiana better serve the Region.

“One of the greatest parts about having multiple crews and professionals is having depth within the team and employees who have an array of skillsets. This makes CertaPro able to cater to many different projects,” Powers said.

Once hired, CertaPro provides all employees with the opportunity to grow within the company.

“We’re always looking for talented individuals and crews. Lately, our commercial side of the business has been growing rapidly and our residential business is thriving. We’re always looking to build our team and watch them grow within the company as well,” Power said.

Interested painters are encouraged to head over to CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana’s website at https://northwest-indiana.certapro.com/, find them on Facebook, or submit an application on Indeed.

Interested in transforming your home with the help of a CertaPro crew? Call 1-800-462-3782 or head to the website to schedule an estimate by filling out a quick, user-friendly form. From there, interested customers are given a free in-person consultation which includes an evaluation of the project, on-site proposal, and color suggestions.

If you love what CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana has done with your home, refer them to a friend and receive a $25 gift card on behalf of CertaPro once they schedule an estimate appointment. If the referred customer ends up booking the project, the CertaPro customer who referred them will receive an additional $100 gift card on top of the prior $25.

“We’re always looking to improve our services whether that’s by adding to our team or getting feedback from our customers on ways to get better,” Powers said. “It’s exciting. We’re going into our 7th year of business and we have continued to expand. We’re looking forward to continuing to work with the residents of Northwest Indiana.”

For further information on CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana, visit https://northwest-indiana.certapro.com/.