CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana gives tips on DIY projects

CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana gives tips on DIY projects

CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana would love to come help you with your interior or exterior paint jobs. But they also know that a DIY project can be just as fulfilling and fun, so they’re sharing some easy DIY jobs recommended by their friends at Sherwin-Williams that will help freshen your home just in time for summer. Check out these 1-minute videos for fast tutorials and then let your imagination roam!

Fireplace makeover

It’s Indiana. That means plenty of people use their fireplaces all year round (Anyone else see those snowflakes a few days ago? In May?). If that dark brick is starting to bring you down, consider brightening your fireplace space with a lighter color on the brick. In this video, white is the safest bet against the dark wall, but if your love of color takes you in a different direction, why not try orange, aqua, or an earthy green? Start with a healthy coat of primer using a brush on the grout, and a roller on the raised part of the brick. Fill in any gaps with the brush. Finish off with a coat of your favorite paint atop the primer and let dry for at least 24 hours before using your fireplace.

Update your home office with color

More people have been working at home lately, and there’s a good chance that the home office may become a more permanent part of many people’s careers in the future. No better time than now to make that space everything you’ve wanted it to be. A splash of color can freshen up any home office. In this video, the Sherman-Williams color Navel gives the drab white door a pop of color, welcoming anyone into the office. Swimming is the color chosen for the walls, offering an airy, beach-like tone to the room. Paired with the minimal furniture, it offers the perfect serene space for concentration and focus. Start with clean surfaces and spend that extra few minutes taping and prepping for the perfect look.

Front door refresh

A freshened front door is the perfect way to say “Welcome!” Plus, it adds to curb appeal if you’re planning to sell your home. It’s easier than you think to paint your door. Prep is super important here, especially for the exterior of the door, which can be dirty. Remove handles and clean well with soap and water, and dry the surface thoroughly. Consider adding to the door’s dimension by painting any beveled surfaces a different color, which is easy to do with a solid taping job. Or, keep the whole door one color that is a complimentary contrast to the home’s trim or main exterior color.

Create a reading nook

If you feel like that recessed space in the hallway is just wasted and uninteresting, consider benching it up with a soft cushion, some accent pillows, and a fresh coat of pain to create a warm reading nook. Sherwin-Williams colors like Antler Velvet and Frolic highlight this particular project. Some drawers were removed to create open shelving space instead, but that’s not required if you want to keep that closed storage space. Just paint the drawer fronts, too.

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