CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana Keep Us Up to Date with Painting Trends of 2018

CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana Keep Us Up to Date with Painting Trends of 2018

No matter what time of year, there is always time to switch things up. Whether it be a new floor, rearrangement of furniture, or a fresh paint job, taking the time to refurbish the space you live in is important.

CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana believe that every paint job is a journey to a rejuvenated mind and space. They provide a range of custom interior painting services for any type of job or trend you desire, and approach every project with an eye for detail. Check out the unique trends that are popular right now, and perhaps one may catch your eye!

Black Space

Painting a room entirely black can seem like a huge risk...but not anymore! Black provides an edgy hue and can act as a statement color alongside the perfect accents. Many pair a black room with contrasting decor, such as white or lightly colored furniture, or gold metal textured accent pieces.

If you aren’t ready to paint the entire room black, create a statement wall by painting only one wall.

If the boldness of black is holding you back, try a lighter-toned version of a color you like, such as a dark purple-toned or dark grey-toned paint for the same edgy effect.


The internet is going crazy over this chic, calming color: sage. Though the color is soft and muted, its undertones scream freshness and tranquility. This color works well with wooden textures and accessories, and is perfect for the Indiana farm rustic look that will brighten any room. Now-- time to go meditate!


Did someone say disco? Take any room back to the 70s with the mustard-gold color marigold. If you can’t tell already, the trends of now are continuously inspired by the trends of the past, which is why marigold is in (and probably always will be!). Spruce up a room with a splash of marigold behind a white design pattern, or go all the way by infusing the entire room. Adding plants and other bold colors to a room alongside marigold will enhance the ‘70s vibe, too!


If you are going for a bright yet soft color choice, blush or any other peach-salmon colored hybrid choices will be right up your alley! This color can be used in a variety of settings, and can be toned down or up. Blush can be used to enhance the simplicity of a room or be brought to attention by adding more of the same toned family into the room with throw pillows, or curtains. Blush is a color that can be used in the way you want it most!

Floor Painting Trends

Who says paint has to stay on the walls! This year, go outside of the box by painting your floors. The timeless color Emerald also brings a modern flare to the table. There are many options when it comes to floor painting. Using a stencil, create a pattern on the floor with a color contrasting the dominant one. For example, if emerald is the primary floor color, use white paint for the stencil. Other trends include spatter paint, or over-sized shape designs painted onto the floor.

Painted Furniture Trends

Various techniques can be used on new or old furniture using flat matte, gold detail, spray paint, milk paint, or chalk paint to create the most unique painted furniture looks. If you are looking to splash up a muted colored room, try painting a cupboard or shelving unit a bold color, such as bright yellow. By adding a touch of gold to a piece of furniture can turn it’s world upside down. For a deep colored wooden piece, try using a gold paint to highlight features or angles, such as only painting the lining of the rim or legs.