CertaPro Employee Spotlight: Jessica Shilling

CertaPro Employee Spotlight: Jessica Shilling

The incredible impact that Jessica Shilling has made on the Northwest Indiana region makes you assume she is a Hoosier-native. However, for Shilling, Indiana was never on the agenda.

She grew up in St. Louis and met her forever sweetheart during a sand volleyball match; the journey had only just begun.

“I knew right off the bat that he was the one,” Shilling commented on meeting her husband at the time.

Two months into their relationship, he scored a job interview in East Chicago at Ameristar. The job spooled into a success, but left both Jessica and her beau at a blank about finding their forever home.

“As we started looking for places to live, people mentioned that we should live in Northwest Indiana, where the cost of living was obviously cheaper,” Shilling said.

The pair quickly settled in quaint and peaceful Northwest Indiana.

After completing a degree in interior design, as well as studying marketing and management, Jessica alighted at Panera Bread in management. After 13 years of the hustle and bustle in the food industry, Jessica was ready to move toward something that could help truly utilize her passions and degree.

“I was working extremely hard, but still not seeing a future there,” Shilling expressed.

Soon after, Jessica submitted her resume to CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana...and the rest is history.

“I applied because I thought painting sounded like something I would enjoy. It was a marketing position, and I had studied that. I had an interior design degree, so I thought that matched up well, too,” Shilling said.

After scoring the interview, she met John, the owner of CertaPro, and believed the stars stood aligned.

“As soon as I met John--and I don’t know if it has something to do with April babies-- but I really felt like this was going to be a really great opportunity. After I came on board, I’ve only been flourishing since,” Shilling said.

Shilling’s full title is Commercial Marketing Associate; her main duties are promoting the company’s commercial side through a ton of outlets.

“I go out, create, and maintain relationships with customers. I also make gestures to grow relationships with current customers, as well,” Shilling said.

Shilling mentioned the many ways she reaches out. Some are as simple as sending a sweet letter in the mail. Other times, she might show up at your front door with a special personalized treat.

“My favorite thing is to just show up, or do what we call a cold-call. I present myself with our message, as well as something fun to start conversation.”

These types of cold calls can include anything from a specialty coffee she remembered you loved to a box of doughnuts -- all acting as a personalized gesture. Many times, with prospective customers, Shilling visits to question painting needs and acts as a guide for them.

“I am really just trying to get to know their needs. Our job primarily is to then find solutions for those,” Shilling said.

Every day there is something new on the table. During the holiday season, many are preparing to budget for the upcoming year. Home décor needs and remodel tactics change, but one thing is constant: Shilling concludes that approximately 99.9% of people will, at some point in their lives, need to paint.

Shilling believes that CertaPro has given her an environment to constantly grow and learn while also being challenged.

“There are challenges of course; I still have a lot to learn still!” she said. “I make mistakes, and learn and grow from those.”

With CertaPro, you get what you pay for and more. From excellent, customized and personal service, to top of the line installment and advice.

“I want to be that touchpoint with my customers,” Shilling said. “If they are concerned about anything, we won’t leave you hanging. We will always take care of you and get the end result you are actually looking for.”

For more information about CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana and their professional and outstanding service, visit https://northwest-indiana.certapro.com/.