CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana encourage spring colors to inspire and uplift spaces

CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana encourage spring colors to inspire and uplift spaces

Everything starts to feel more uplifting during the spring season, doesn’t it? There’s something about the smell of warm rain, plants in fresh bloom, and the vibrance of the season that sparks our senses.

It’s said that spring represents rebirth, symbolizes growth, and encourages focus. Plants and trees are transforming as the weather slowly inches away from the coldest months of the year.

Believe it or not, this transformation impacts our daily lives. As winter fades, we anticipate warmer months just like a flower getting ready to bloom.

Color is one way we can celebrate the emotions that spring evokes year round, regardless of the season. Whether you want to revamp a room in your house, the break-room at your business, or the outside of your home or building, you can use spring-influenced colors to bring vibrant energy any time of year.

CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana can help you blanket or accent your home or work space with colors that evoke all the uplifting elements of spring.


The psychological effect of green is most often perceived as calming or reassuring. The color is most associated with nature, which brings a soothing tranquil vibe to the space.

Medium lavender gray is most associated with the flower itself, which is considered delicate and precious. Purple, the mom of lavender, has beneficial influences regarding mind power, relieving anxiety, and refreshing the mind for learning.

Light blues push us to think differently and gets our creative juices flowing.


Light pink encourages the feeling of joy and happiness. Along the notions of light blue, pink promotes creativity and artistry. Pink is also most associated with love and reassurance.

Pink is the daughter of the strong primary color red, which influences attention to detail, creates the perfect atmosphere for brainstorming.


Light orange encourages optimism and an uplifting atmosphere. This color invites us to look at the bright side of life, calls for adventure, and promotes physical confidence.

Off-white, or cream, is a comfortable color that doesn’t scream as bright as white. The color can enhance focus and calmness.

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