Care, anywhere with Medicare Advantage

Care, anywhere with Medicare Advantage

After seeing her doctor regarding intense back pain, Chris was diagnosed with scoliosis. Because of her rapidly progressing condition, her doctor recommended a specialized surgery that would greatly improve her quality of life. Unfortunately, the recommended doctor was outside of her plan’s network. 

Chris contacted her agent to find a new plan that would cover her surgery, which brought her to a UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage plan. The plan’s Medicare National Network – the nation’s largest – allowed her to get the surgery and follow up care she needed at network costs. 

The surgery was successful and Chris can again be mobile and active with her grandkids.

“The pain in my back is gone,” she said. “And that’s an amazing thing.”

Medicare Annual Enrollment runs through Dec. 7 and offers an opportunity to review your current plan and health needs so you can make an informed decision about your coverage for the coming year.

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