Calumet College of St. Joseph Hosts 50th Annual Trustees’ Scholarship Ball

CCSJ-Fundraiser-4The 50th Annual Trustees' Scholarship Ball for Calumet College of St. Joseph was held Saturday April 11th at The Center for Visual and Performing Arts in Munster, Indiana. The attendees enjoyed a five-course meal, music by Phase4 Band, a special awards ceremony, and a raffle drawing.

Everyone appeared extremely pleased to come together for this scholarship event. Effie Hanes, an attendee at the ball, explained, “This is a wonderful event to raise funds for the scholarships. The night is beautiful and the college has been doing a wonderful job, I wish it continued success. “

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The venue was filled with people enjoying themselves! Special guests included Hammond Mayor Thomas McDermott Jr., and Whiting Mayor Joe Stahura, each receiving Corporate Leadership Awards.

CCSJ-Fundraiser-2The evening began with an honorable slideshow of CCSJ’s faculty, with background music produced by one of CCSJ’s very own students, Deng Nabour, AKA Mista D.

“I’m here because I’ve been honored as a student and a musician,” Nabour explained. “The slideshow will have my music in the background and I feel very honored. I really want to thank the school, they are very helpful, and they are part of the reason for who I am today.”

CCSJ-Fundraiser-5Colleen Gallagher, former employee at CCSJ, says that, “this is a wonderful event for a wonderful college! People don’t know what they’re missing until they’ve stepped into Calumet College to see the wealth that they have to offer. Great leadership is what got them where they are today.”

CCSJ’s Board of Trustees recognized Mary J. East-Watkins for her exceptional values of stewardship and service. She received the Brother Gerard Von Hagel Alumni Award. Mary is a 2001 graduate of CCSJ where she majored in Business Management, with minors in Sociology and Religious Studies. She also has a BA in Theology and a certificate in Biblical General Studies, just to name a few.

CCSJ-Fundraiser-1Cindy Downes, an administrative assistant at the college expressed her enjoyment.

“We have a lot of faculty, staff, supporters, and donors here,” Downes explained. I think it is important that everyone is here together celebrating.”

Sister Michele Dvorak, PHJC was also recognized. She received the St. Joseph the Worker Award. She has achieved distinction on her profession, exhibited a noteworthy devotion to her community, and she has embodied the ideals and virtues of St. Joseph the worker over the course of her career. She has been a teacher for 6 years, a principal for 11 years, and she has just completed her doctoral work.

CCSJ-Fundraiser-3“My life is deeply blessed,” Dovrak exclaimed. “I am honored to receive an award that uniquely bears the name and character of CCSJ, I am grateful to all who are celebrating tonight, and with those whom I have served in the past.”

In all, the evening was a success on all fronts. Creating lasting memories, while leaving a lasting impact on the future of the school.