Bring a fun twist to meetings and events with rental spaces at local Boys & Girls Clubs

Bring a fun twist to meetings and events with rental spaces at local Boys & Girls Clubs

From parties to meetings to corporate events and everything in between, Boys & Girls Club of Greater Northwest Indiana has many different rental amenities across the Region perfect for your next occasion.

“We see a lot of different events–everything from birthday parties to baby showers to meetings. We have conference rooms, so organizations can hold a meeting at our Club,” said Director of Marketing Stephanie Letic. “For companies, these rooms can be great for brainstorming meetings or fun team bonding–they can rent our gym and have a fun day at the Club as a company. So we’ll see a lot of different events.”

The features and type of room chosen depends on the event and group at hand. Various types of rooms are available, some with their own special features.

“At all of our Clubs, we have a gym, and some of them have two gyms,” Letic said. “There’s a kitchen, a lounge, a concession area, our meeting rooms and the games room.”

Some of these rentals can be found across all Northwest Indiana Clubs. Others, however, are unique to specific locations.

“At our Duneland, Hammond, and Valpo Clubs, we have a rock wall as well,” Letic said.

When it comes to renting the spaces, Letic noted a few different options are available. Single spaces can be individually purchased, or certain combinations can be bought at special rates.

“You can either rent by per-room pricing, or you can do a package where you get the gym, the games room, and the kitchen. We also have an a la carte option,” Letic said.

Depending on your group or organization, Letic noted that special discounts or rates may be available as well.

“We also do discounts for nonprofits,” Letic said. “If a nonprofit is looking to rent, they can contact their local Club and see the available dates and get rental contracts.”

Having any type of event at Boys & Girls Club can easily make for a good time and result in long-lasting memories for every occasion. The unique combination of rental rooms offered allow for groups to come use its spaces for the event at hand, but also with a fun twist that can only be found in the heart of the Clubs themselves.

“I think something we have that’s unique for either a company or another nonprofit is that we have the meeting center so they can hold their strategic meeting, but they could have it someplace fun like our gym,” Letic said. “Then, maybe after or before lunch or something like that, they can play basketball in the gym and team bond or just let any stress out and be a kid again–we have that combination of the company setting along with the fun settings as well.”

To reserve any set of rooms at the Clubs, visit or call your intended Club and talk with a team member to see available dates. For pricing, Letic noted for anyone interested to check out the website here for more information on all available packages.

For more information on Boys & Girl Clubs of Greater Northwest Indiana, visit its website here.