BraunAbility spreading accessibility across the nation with a base in Northwest Indiana

BraunAbility spreading accessibility across the nation with a base in Northwest Indiana

“A substantial part of our local economy,” is how Nathan Origer, executive director of Pulaski County Development Commission, described the wheelchair-accessible brand BraunAbility. 

BraunAbility is an American company known as “the leader in wheelchair vehicles and mobility solutions” according to their website. They offer vehicles and services for customers who benefit from wheelchair mobility while on the go. 

Based in Winamac, BraunAbility gives many local residents employment opportunities through its outreach and property. As a world-renowned company, Origer is proud to provide possibilities to Pulaski County by housing its manufacturing headquarters. 

“It puts us on the map a little bit,” Origer said. 

In the 11 years Origer has been with Pulaski County Development Commission, he has seen a transition of leadership within BraunAbility that has helped them create goals for the future. 

“There’s been a lot of change, but we’ve seen a continued goal of providing the best equipment and service it can to a clientele that is in need of that sort of supportive understanding,” he said. 

Origer said the growth of BraunAbility has been noted because of the obstacles it has faced. In past decades, the company has run into some problems expanding. With the help of county leadership, expansion has been made possible. 

“Since my office has been around and the county has funded it, I think we have seen a desire to be supportive to see growth within the community,” Origer said. 

Origer said the county has worked well with BraunAbility over the years to diminish any other obstacles that it might face. One struggle they are still facing, though, is filing the positions the company is offering. 

“This struggle is not unique to BraunAbility or Pulaski County as most places are also struggling right now,” Origer said. 

Aside from this, Origer wants readers to know how important BraunAbility is to the economy of the area. 

“It is such an intrical part of the local economy,” Origer said. 

And the impact is also recognized on a national scale, too. 

“The fact that you can go to New York City, and if you see a handicap accessible taxi cab, it means that it was at one point right next door to my office,” he said. 

In order to find the best-fit vehicle, BraunAbility includes a questionnaire on their website for first-time owners. Survey takers can choose from options like adapted vehicles with ramps, transferring safely into vehicles, wheelchair security and stowing, and lifts for vans or RVs. From there, BraunAbility gives a list of options with descriptions on how the product could work best for a user.  

BraunAbility also offers protections for users who look to purchase any vehicle or attachments. Through their vehicle service contracts, these agreements “extend the coverage of the warranty of your vehicle – both the original vehicle and the mobility equipment, and includes everything from major powertrain components to advanced technology systems” per the website. 

For those looking to learn more about BraunAbility, visit their site here

Find more information about the Pulaski County Development Commission on their website.