BraunAbility celebrates 50 years of serving, providing, and bettering mobility

BraunAbility celebrates 50 years of serving, providing, and bettering mobility

By changing mobility for the better over the last 50 years, BraunAbility is celebrating its anniversary in a variety of ways. One of which is a project that achieved new heights for both BraunAbility and its partner, Indiana-based nonprofit Servants At Work (SAWs).

Located in Winamac, BraunAbility has been able to serve those with mobility issues worldwide. Megan Wegner, Senior Brand Manager, shared that its reach has been rooted in the small town for the entirety of its history.

“Our products are distributed in over 70 countries, six continents, and all built in Ralph Braun’s small hometown of Winamac with a population of 2,500,” Wegner said. 

With its customer base, BraunAbility had the opportunity to collaborate with SAWs to create “50 ramps in 50 days” to commemorate and serve the community. 

“The products BraunAbility builds help individuals with mobility challenges get out into their communities, but without a way to get out of their home, there’s no need for our products,” Wegner said. “We decided to partner with an Indiana-based nonprofit, SAWs, to build ramps at low-income homes that house a resident with a physical disability and no safe way to get in and out of their house.”

Wegner shared that the project was successful for both parties.

“The project was a great way to give back to the communities where we live and work, but most importantly, remind all employee volunteers how independence changes lives, whether it’s building a ramp or a wheelchair van,” Wegner said. 

In addition to this, BraunAbility’s partnership with SAWs highlighted the past half century of hard work completed by BraunAbility’s founder, Ralph Braun. 

“Reaching 50 years is a remarkable milestone for any company, but it’s especially remarkable when you consider everything our founder, Ralph Braun, had to overcome to get here,” Wegner said. 

According to Wegner, Braun suffered from muscular dystrophy at an early age. What he created as an electric scooter to get to and from work has now become one of the most widely-known mobility brands in the world. 

“He had no idea that the first mobility invention would plant a seed that would eventually grow into the global leader in mobility transportation solutions,” Wegner said.

Nathan Origer, Executive Director of Pulaski County Community Development Commission, noted that this 50-year accomplishment was an important one to the town as well as the county. 

“When you look at the history of the company, the companies that have come and gone in the county that it has outlasted and paralleled, it’s remarkable,” Origer said. 

50 years of dedication have also come along with this anniversary. As Origer says, BraunAbility has been an important part of residents’ career paths in and around the county.

“What people need to know about BraunAbility is they have about 800 employees working in Winamac,” Origer said. “Maybe 300 to 350 of them are Pulaski County residents; it is a huge center of employment for the community.”

To learn more about BraunAbility, visit its website here to view products, explore services, and find contact information. 

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