BMS Benevolently Bestow Books by the Boxful!

The kids at Boston Middle School generously gave to the United Way of La Porte County on Tuesday March 5, 2013. What did they give? Books! Lots of books. 1,634 books to be precise. Despite the ridiculous weather, students from BMS volunteered to help load 34 boxes of books into the United Way’s trucks that waited at the school.

“Boston has spent a great deal of time this year discussing community involvement and compassion,”Bethany Smith, a 7th grade reading teacher at BMS, explained. “Since literacy is a vital aspect in our lives, we decided to collect gently used and new books that could be donated to a local organization. We wanted to increase literacy awareness and help provide needed books to those who are unable to obtain them.”

Each year Smith heads this project. Last year the school collected 301 books that were then given to the Dunebrook Organization. The goal for this year was to beat last year’s number. And they did, by more than triple the amount. The donated books will be distributed these books among six different local organizations in the La Porte area by the United Way.

Dave Sisk, the Manager of Community Engagement for the United Way of La Porte County was there with other United Way members to help pick of the books. And more people than those within BMS and United Way got involved. GenerationOn provided a grant of $250.00 where new books were purchased to be donated to families in need. GenerationOn is an international youth service organization that partners with schools communities and businesses to help kids see firsthand issues that affect them. This way, they can understand their society better and find ways to be part of addressing these important youth-based concerns.

“Since the program has been such a success, we would love to continue to help our community by donating more books next year,” Smith said. “Without all of these people and our Boston family, this community project would not have been the success that it was. I am very proud to work with all of them.”

There are great things happening within the schools and communities in La Porte County. Chalk it up to good parents that want their children grow up safely and happily, smart teachers that want their students to succeed, and great kids that realize the benefits of selfless giving. Kindness is contagious. It’s spreading throughout the community. Just check out what students are doing at La Porte High School to prepare themselves for the real world.

To find out how you can donate or volunteer with United Way of La Porte County, click here! And be sure to find them on Facebook!

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