Bill Hasse: Hasse Construction Partners with LCEA and Celebrates a 100 Year Legacy

Bill Hasse: Hasse Construction Partners with LCEA and Celebrates a 100 Year Legacy

Lake County Indiana Economic Alliance (LCEA) board member and investor, William Hasse III (Bill) is a third generation president of the construction company, Hasse Construction, that has been serving the Midwest for 100 years.

Hasse Construction is well known for its innovative, entrepreneurial, professional spirits, and hard work. 100 years ago, a company was born. In 1933, it would be called something different and the vision that William A. Hasse had would last a century.

“This reputation that was left on my dad and then left onto me allowed Hasse Construction the opportunity to move into larger industrial settings, plants, and facilities that otherwise wouldn’t have given us the time of day,” Hasse said.

In 1980, young project manager, Bill Hasse, was named the new president of Hasse Construction and the legacy continued.

This legacy happened with a lot of hard work, long hours, and help. Hasse saw the potential for a great partnership and knew that LCEA was the perfect fit. Hasse partnered with LCEA to better Hasse Construction, but also better the Region as a community.

“LCEA is made up of community business leaders from different sectors of our industry. Some are from the banking industry, some are from the real estate industry, and a few of us are from the construction industry. We all work collectively to help make our region better by participating and helping to redevelop the space that we have. That’s our main goal and that’s what makes LCEA so great,” Hasse said.

This pre-dentistry Purdue man knew that engineering was in his blood. Hasse has been around construction his entire life and thought getting into the family business made the most sense when he decided to accept his calling.

Hasse had a two-part dream: Get into the family business and make it a success and continue to grow the community in which he lives in and make it a desirable market.

With the help and partnership with LCEA, Lake County truly is making a notable footprint in the Region and Chicago market.

“They’re producing results. People are coming here. People are working here. People are staying here. LCEA is responsible for that,” Hasse said.

Hasse Construction, Bill Hasse, and LCEA have been a major part of everything we drive by and see on a regular basis. From new child care learning centers in Winfield to building new eyecare institutes in Merrillville. From new medical offices in Munster to building Bulldog Park in Crown Point. Hasse Construction has been a massive part of making Lake County more desirable with LCEA right behind them every step of the way.

“LCEA is looking at it more globally by making Lake County necessary to anchor a business and home. They are for the Region and with their support, there will be a guaranteed return on investment,” Hasse said.

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