Bikes on Trains – South Shore Line Service Advisory

Bikes on Trains – South Shore Line Service Advisory

The South Shore Line announces that Bikes on Trains will resume Friday, April 1, 2022, at bike stations between Dune Park and Millennium Station.

Passengers are advised that due to long-term busing in relation to the Double Track NWI projectbikes will be prohibited from boarding at the South Bend International Airport Station throughout the duration of busing. Bikes will be permitted as regularly scheduled from Dune Park Station and west. 

Bike cars are bike rack-equipped in addition to regular seating so that passengers can ride in the car near their bicycles. Bike icons can be found on the SSL timetable next to specific train times that run equipped with bike racks. Bike rack-equipped train cars are also clearly marked with a bike symbol prominently located on the windows of the car.

Please click here for a full Bikes on Trains schedule.

Bikes may not be permitted during special Chicago events such as Lollapalooza and the Chicago Air & Water Show.

Passengers wishing to bring their bicycles on the train must comply with the requirements listed on the South Shore Line’s website at: