Benjamin F. Edwards & Co. adapts to challenges through strong communication and support

Benjamin F. Edwards & Co. adapts to challenges through strong communication and support

When the uncertainty of COVID-19 placed pressure on companies to adapt, Benjamin F. Edwards & Co. in Chesterton responded with extraordinary resolve and quick action. Benjamin F. Edwards & Co. has been forward thinking and action-oriented throughout the pandemic, giving team members the option of working from home and ensuring their office requirements meet all standards of disinfection and safety for personnel and clients.

“We’ve adapted to client needs and the dynamic nature of our financial planning seamlessly through strong communications as well as our industry leading platform,” said financial advisor Bob Kollar.

During the height of the pandemic, the Chesterton office was closed to clients and staff for over a month, but that did not prevent the Benjamin F. Edwards & Co. team from providing services to their clients and support for each other.

“Our upscale computer system allowed us to keep in contact with our clients, and we had complete access to our work at home management team in St. Louis and other employees throughout the United States,” said Thomas Roberts, Senior Vice President – Investments.

“They genuinely care about each of their employees,” added Operations Manager Jennifer Espinoza.  “They aren’t barking orders from the ‘top of the chain’ on how to operate – they are providing guidelines and then allowing each office to devise a plan that works for them. It’s such a supportive environment.”

The Chesterton and home office also supplied team members with masks and disinfectant wipes and the entire office space was and currently is cleaned on a predetermined schedule. Support staff and advisor schedules were also adjusted so families could home school their children, a testament to the true family culture that is no doubt integral to the firm’s continued success, especially amidst the challenges of COVID-19. 

“I happen to be the only employee in our office that has kids who are ‘virtually learning’ 100% of the time, and when I asked for an alternate work schedule there was no hesitation,” Espinoza said. “Benjamin F. Edwards always says ‘family first’ and they have proven that during this time. Not only are we team members, we are family!”

Team members are always in support of each other, working together to find the best solutions and keep each other striving to be prepared for all eventualities. Communications have always been strong within the firm, but now an extra level of effort has been added to its already exceptional home office, allowing for the continuation of top tier client service even in these unprecedented times.

“The majority of our home office employees have been working from home, yet there have been no interruptions to business when we need something,” Espinoza added. “We had a particular instance when we couldn’t get something done from our own homes, so an employee in our home office asked us to scan them the work and she completed it – there was no hesitation, no huffing or puffing, just a genuine care and need to help us.”

“We communicate constantly and share our ideas,” Kollar added. “It is always good to have someone to bounce ideas off and give their honest assessments.  We know we grow together when we work together.  That keeps us steps ahead of others in our field.”

The company culture at Benjamin F. Edwards fosters a client-first approach to service backed by the collective skills of the entire office, allowing the firm to incorporate trusted financial advice in a constantly evolving industry.

“Building trust and confidence is forefront and having the ability to achieve client successes throughout our platforms at Benjamin F. Edwards is tantamount,” Kollar said. “We stay ahead of the industry by constantly improving the tools we have at hand and improving our abilities to advise.”

With its tight-knit team and relentless mission for quality client service, Benjamin F. Edwards and Co. cleared the many hurdles COVID-19 presented and continues to adapt to challenges with grace.

“I am extremely happy being a part of Benjamin F. Edwards and our Chesterton office. Working with and among such talented and good-hearted people is inspiring,” Kollar said. “The culture of Benjamin F. Edwards makes it seem like a big family, and that family is rooting for all our clients and advisor’s success.”

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