Belvedere Senior Housing throws celebratory Mardi Gras bash for residents

Belvedere Senior Housing throws celebratory Mardi Gras bash for residents
By: Andrew Redick Last Updated: March 2, 2020

The famed New Orleans celebration has found its way to Merrillville. Belvedere Senior Housing threw a Mardi Gras-themed spaghetti supper for their residents and guests to indulge in honor of Fat Tuesday.

Attendees were treated to live music and several delicacies, including paczkis, a filled doughnut of Polish origin. Residents also showed off their smiles, masks, and beaded necklaces in the provided photo booth.

“We wanted to give this the lively and fun feeling of Mardi Gras,” said Georgiana Balas, Resident Services Coordinator. “These events mean so much to our residents. You can truly see how much they enjoy them, and that is why we put so much hard work into the events.”

In addition to celebrating Mardi Gras, the Belvedere staff had another goal for this event.

“We were hoping to get everyone one out of the dreary mindset that winter weather can bring,” Balas said. “Hopefully, a celebration like this gets residents looking forward to the future and the warmer months ahead in the spring and summer.”

Belvedere strives to provide their residents with the chance to socialize, get active, and have fun on a regular basis. So much so that they plan to get something together every other week centered around special events and holidays such as Mardi Gras or St. Patrick’s Day.

“It is so nice that they take the time to do things like this for us,” said Betty Zunich, a Belvedere resident. “The entire staff puts in so much work, and we have a great time with them during the events. We appreciate the events and the dedication of the staff.”

In addition to residents, members of the community were also welcome. Belvedere always aims to spread the word that their doors are open to everyone.

“I know a lot of people here, and it is great to get to see them,” said Richard Gee, community member. “Everyone here is always so friendly and welcoming, I enjoy coming to Belvedere."

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