Bailly Elementary School Celebrates 2016 National School Breakfast Week

Bailly-breakfast-winners-2016Bailly Elementary School celebrated National School Breakfast Week in early March by serving different breakfast options during that week such as pancake and sausage sandwich; Dutch waffle with strawberry topping; cinnamon biscuit with fresh fruit and yogurt dip; biscuit and sausage gravy; and bagel, egg and cheese sandwich.

Students were also offered a free sample of yogurt smoothies everyday of the week. Students were encouraged to eat breakfast to fuel their brains for the ISTEP testing that also coincided that week. One class per grade level was awarded a prize for the most breakfasts eaten throughout the week. Laura Gusse's first grade class won for most breakfasts eaten overall. Her class alone, ate 52 breakfasts throughout the week and are pictured with their Frisbee prize, Front, Bree Dodds. Row 1, left to right, Bryan Babcock, Emmie Kruger, Alivia Salinas, Chloe Aubert and Sam Wagner. Row 2, Giovanni Fornari, Carson Hollingsworth, Ria Kashyap, Logan Thompson, Bryce Douglass, Miles, Gast, Brooklyn Golday and Macie Kania. Back, Principal Kevin Zeck, Autumn Smith, Alexis Meyer, McKenzi Skeffington, Brendan Gerrett, Max Prince, Owen Evans, Madison Foster, Zoey Barner, Amiya Roedel and teacher Laura Gusse.