Bailly Elementary 3rd Graders Visit Westchester Township History Museum, May 2014

Bailly-Elementary-Visit-to-MuseumAs part of their third grade social studies unit on communities, Bailly Elementary third grade students were given five different research topics to choose from about the Town of Chesterton, e.g. the Chesterton Bandstand, one-room schools, local settler Joseph Bailly, the Potowatami and the Chellberg Farm.

Students then took a walking field trip to the Westchester Township History Museum to gather information about their chosen topic with the help of museum staff, volunteers, classroom teachers and the school librarian. After their visit students organized their information in order to write a paragraph about their topic. Pictured is Pat Mitchell, Westchester Township History Museum volunteer and former Chesterton Middle School English teacher working with a third grade group from left, Jeremiah Tefteller, Phoenix Courtney, Josh DeRolf, and Christian Fritts as they work on their research topic.