Bailly Elementary 2nd Grade Hosts Play, May 29, 2014

Bailly-2nd-grade-hosts-playBailly 2nd Grade hosts play: Cathy Roles’ 2nd grade class at Bailly Elementary School, performed the play, Bailly School is Missing, as an end of the year activity to celebrate their year together. The play was about a wizard who takes the BAILLY off the school sign and makes everything disappear. Three children go after the letters to restore order to the school. Along the way, they meet a cast of characters who each give them the letter they are looking for.

Front row, left to right, William Nowicki, Lexi Wolf, Megan Wilcox, Timothy Whitford and Sarah Bennett. Row 2, Billy Bennett, William Hope, Tyler Replin, Lutrell Kirk, Brayden Wellensiak and Kenny Furry. Row 3, Katelin Alleva, Shaylee Hibshman, Priscilla Mihut, Faith Balda and Angelina Zelenika. Back row, Daniel Inherst, Kristen Cartergine, Addisyn Torres, Carley Lendabarker-Oleck, Riley Thompson, Dale Westlund and teacher Cathy Roles.