Baby Update: 8/7/14 Northshore Health Center 3D Ultrasound

Deanna-3d-ultrasoundI recently took our soon to be baby LIFER and went over to NorthShore Health Centers in Lake Station for one of their 3D ultrasounds.

When we arrived we waited until Brittany the Ultrasound Tech came to get us. Brittany was very nice and able to explain everything she was showing us. I asked her when they normally recommend that a mom to be come for their 3D ultrasound and she explained they can technically do it after 20 weeks but right around 27 weeks they seem to get the best visuals of the babies. I was just over 28 weeks when I went for my appointment.

Brittany first turned on the ultrasound machine and showed me where my baby was in 2D. I asked her what would be the main difference we would be able to see and she said that you can see more features and volume of the baby. She said sometimes she is surprised how much they already look like one parent or the other.

When she turned on the machine and found our little girl I couldn't believe how much bigger she looked since we last saw her eight weeks ago. Then she flipped the machine over into 3D and it was amazing! You really see what her nose, ears, lips and face and what might look like when she is born. Although anything can happen when you go in for the ultrasound, Brittany was very patient trying to show us the many different parts of our little girl.


We were not able to see her face as clearly as other families might be able to because the umbilical cord kept floating in front of her face but Brittany made the experience a good one anyway. She showed us her feet, hands, nose, lips and at one point the entire side of her face. We also were able to hear her heart beat.

One of the best parts of the entire experience is that Brittany explained she would provide us with a DVD and CD of the photos so we could share with our family. I really loved that Jason and I were able to go experience this in private but we have something to take home to show friends and family. However the best part of the entire experience is that they record your baby's heartbeat and insert it into stuffed dog for you to be able to play for yourself, family and friends. If you are looking for a private and personal ultrasound session then nothing compares to the experience that NorthShore has in our community.