Baby Milana makes history as first baby born at Northwest Health — La Porte

Baby Milana makes history as first baby born at Northwest Health — La Porte

After the official opening of Northwest Health -- La Porte on October 24, the hospital was excited and ready to use the brand-new facility to serve the La Porte community. On October 27, they were excited to welcome baby Milana, the first baby born at the new hospital. While this was the first baby born at the new facility, this was not the first time that mother Justice Reed had delivered a baby with the help of Northwest Health -- La Porte's staff.  

Reed has previously delivered babies at La Porte Hospital and was glad that even with a location change, she was able to receive the same care she recalled from her previous delivery experiences. Before going into labor with baby Milana, Reed was a bit nervous about the change in hospital facilities. 

“I was nervous about them switching hospitals so close to my due date. I was scared I was going to go to the wrong hospital, so I went on their tour which was pretty nice,” Reed said. “The manager on the OB floor gave me a call and invited me for a tour. She offered me the tour because she must have known my due date. I went on the tour with maybe four or five other women.” 

With a tour under her belt, Reed felt a bit more at ease with the new location, but the biggest comfort for her was being able to have the doctor she had come to know and trust deliver her baby girl. 

“I have actually been going to him for the last three years because I’ve been pregnant for the last three years. I have a two-year-old, a one-year-old, and now a newborn baby,” Reed said. “Dr. Ellis makes me feel comfortable. He’s funny, and he’s an amazing doctor. I love Dr. Ellis. I trust him and I don’t think I could trust anybody else now.”  

Beyond her admiration for Dr. Ellis, Reed praised the updated rooms and said she felt comfortable in the new hospital. One of her favorite features at the hospital is the good food.  

“Whatever you circle on the menu, they’ll bring it to you,” Reed said. 

Reed was highly satisfied with her overall experience and the attentive, compassionate care of the staff. She is glad the staff at Northwest Health -- La Porte were the ones to help her bring her daughter into the world. With boys making up the majority of her household, Reed looks forward to having another girl around. 

“I can’t wait to do girly stuff. I’ve been a boy mom for a long time,” she said.  To learn more about all that Northwest Health -- La Porte has to offer its patients, visit