#1StudentNWI: August Happenings in the Town of Munster

#1StudentNWI: August Happenings in the Town of Munster

What’s happened: Construction

Construction, construction, construction. A word that everyone despises. Residents and people who work in Munster are getting the brunt of construction season struggles.

The Town of Munster recently decided to build an underpass on 45th Street. This project is expected to finish by December 2020. In the meantime, drivers are trying different routes to get to their destinations. They have learned which routes are better than others in the past month, though they can’t always avoid the longer routes. Drivers have learned to be patient and navigate around certain times during the day when the roads are packed.

Along with the majority of 45th closed, Calumet has had periodic lane restrictions. With more construction and lane restrictions, people have opted to take Indianapolis Boulevard to get to their destination. 

The entire project is being completed by Walsh Construction, who is working closely with Munster officials to inform people of future lane restrictions or road closings. 

With school starting in mid-August, there will be a lot more traffic. However, the plan is to reopen part of 45th Street to Southwood Drive. If there is a setback, students and the workforce must be prepared to leave an extra 10 to 15 minutes earlier for their commute.

Munster residents have been slowly adjusting to 45th being closed, but are counting down the days until it is reopened. 

Resident Spotlight: Grace Buksa

Munster resident Grace Buksa is excited to finally be an 8th grader. Buksa attends St. Thomas More School in Munster, where she plays volleyball and runs track. She participates in outstanding school musicals every November. In the past, Buksa has been a member of the school’s student council and hopes to participate again this Fall. She also sings in the choir and serves at mass. 

“I am most excited about finding out what this year’s musical is going to be and getting my 8th grade class sweatshirt,” Buksa said.

Outside of school, Buksa likes to ride her bike to different parks and around her neighborhood. Buksa also volunteers for organizations such as American Legion Auxiliary, Rockopelli, and St. Thomas More Church. When she is not biking or volunteering, she is watching the Chicago Cubs play. Buksa’s favorite players are Javier Baez and Kris Bryant. 

“The best thing about baseball is the atmosphere,” Buksa said.

Buksa’s favorite parts of Munster are the parks, pool, and restaurants, many of which she walks to with her friends after a long day at school. 

What’s coming up: National Night Out Against Crime 

Munster’s National Night Out Against Crime is taking place August 6, 2019. The event will start off with the first-ever National Night Out parade at 4:30 p.m. on Columbia Avenue in Munster. The lineup will consist of police officers, fire fighters, school groups, organizations, and special guests. The parade ends at Munster Community Pool to officially kick off the celebration.

Munster residents will be allowed into the pool for free, and non-residents will have to pay a fee. There will be door prizes, over 100 Booth Participants, a Police Helicopter landing, Police K-9 demonstrations, an Indiana Fallen Officers Blood Drive, The Magic of Steve Belliveau performance, Barrel Car Train Rides, a firework show sponsored by Krazy Kaplans Fireworks, crime prevention information, a meet and greet with former White Sox slugger Ron Kittle, and more. 

There will be several activities leading up to the main event. On August 1, there will be Safety Bingo for Seniors at the Munster Social Center. On August 2, there will be a food drive at the Munster Police Department to benefit a local pantry. On August 3, the police department is hosting a Child Safety Seat Check Event. On August 4, there will be a Charity Softball Game pitting the Munster Police and Fire Departments against Munster School Staff Members.