Athletes give it their all at the DAC Girl’s Track & Field Invitational

Athletes give it their all at the DAC Girl’s Track & Field Invitational

Lake Central took first place out of eight schools on a chilly night at the DAC Girl’s Track and Field Invitational Tuesday evening at Valparaiso High School. All of the events showcased the passion and dedication of the teams and its athletes.

2DAC-Girls-Track-Invitational-2019“We started work for this year on June 9th. We work all summer,” said Lake Central head coach Ron Frederick. “We work and we work and we work.”

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With eight teams, there were a lot of individuals competing. This was a positive for some of the athletes.

3DAC-Girls-Track-Invitational-2019“I personally love more people when I run,” said Valparaiso High School athlete Ava Gilliana, “It helps motivate me more.”

As she was saying this, the finish line of the track lit up with screams of encouragement from athletes and bystanders encouraging their teammates as they were in the final 100 meters of a race.

4DAC-Girls-Track-Invitational-2019Despite the grey skies, the field was bright and colorful. A rainbow of athletes with their respective school colors on their uniforms lined the track. The cheering and encouragement during every event kept the track lively and vibrant.

Even with the pressure and scale of this meet, the athletes’ preparation didn’t differ much from a regular meet.

5DAC-Girls-Track-Invitational-2019“Consistency is key,” said Riley Tuerff from Laporte High School after getting first place in the 100-meter hurdle event, “I don’t let the pressure get to me. I just want to act like its a regular meet.”

The top three teams at the meet were Lake Central came who came in first, Chesterton second, and Merrillville third.