Athletes at Kouts High School Track & Field Meet look for self-improvement

Athletes at Kouts High School Track & Field Meet look for self-improvement

This morning students and spectators gathered at Kouts High School for their co-ed varsity track & field meet. Students huddled under their schools’ tent waiting for the sun to warm up, while parents set up lawn chairs to get a good view.

Students performed incredibly well, with personal records being set in every event. The crowd’s energy, which had previously been absent, had something to do with that success.

Track & Field PCC Meet 2021

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Track & Field PCC Meet 2021Track & Field PCC Meet 2021Track & Field PCC Meet 2021Track & Field PCC Meet 2021

“I’m very impressed with myself and proud of how I performed today,” said Claire Horvath, a Junior at Washington Township High School. “Because I tied my personal record for the high jump—5’2”—and I got second place in pole vault, last week was my first time ever competing. So I came out today just hoping to have fun and ended up placing first with a jump of 7’6”.”

While in the moment during their events, students were looking to the future every chance they got.

“I’m hoping to set some records next year. Our school record is 5”4’ in the high jump, which is two inches out of the way, but I feel like if I keep training I could possibly get up there,” said Horvath. “Our sectional is at Chesterton, so I’m hoping to place top five. If I could place top five with all of those big schools I would be very pleased with myself.”

Makenna Schnick, from Morgan Township High School, was the anchor on her 3200m girls relay which placed first. She has similar ambitions.

“It feels amazing since we’ve won it the past few years now. I’m just glad to finish out my senior year with success in that event,” said Schnick. “Hopefully we get out of regionals since we were so close last year. It’s looking good, so I’m hoping we can keep it up.”

While the competition is important, all of the students seemed to be enjoying the others’ company. Students discussed their form and coached each other through their events, without needing to be from the same school.

Stephanie Boone, Junior, and Madison Birky, Sophomore, both from Kouts High School, competed in the shot put and discus side by side. Boone placed second in the discus and Birky placed seventh.

“Being able to compete with people, and make friends while getting better has been the highlight of the season so far,” said Boone.

“I think the highlight is making so many new friends and just being able to cheer on our teammates,” Birky said, “I’m looking forward to finishing out high school with personal records every season.”

The full top five girls teams included the following:

  1. Kouts High School - 166 points
  2. Boone Grove High School - 106 points
  3. Morgan Township - 105
  4. Washington Township - 93
  5. Hebron High School - 59

The full top five boys teams included the following:

  1. Boone Grove High School - 130
  2. Morgan Township - 115
  3. Kouts High School - 101
  4. Hebron High School - 89
  5. South Central High School - 71.50