Art Classes at Art Barn Promise Fun Classes and Health Benefits

Art Classes at Art Barn Promise Fun Classes and Health Benefits
By: Sarah DeMars Last Updated: June 14, 2019

Sometimes, it can be difficult to enjoy the things you love in life. Enjoy sweets, like cinnamon toast to start your day? Turns out that sugar just isn’t that good for you. Really want to shop away your daily stresses? Apparently, credit card debt is something that might catch up to you. It’s always fun bingeing your favorite show on a Friday night, but sitting down for too long isn’t the best thing either. Luckily, there are some hobbies you can indulge in that actually good for you. Try taking a daily walk, a new aerobics class, or even an art class. If you ever wanted to try a pottery class, do it for your health!

According to professors at the University of Hong Kong, “Creating objects out of clay can help adults with MDD to improve mood, decision-making, and motivation.” According to Harvard Art Therapist Megan Carleton, “Studies have shown that expressing themselves through art can help people with depression, anxiety, cancer, and dementia.” So, if you’re intrigued in a new healthy hobby, Art Barn School of Art in Valparaiso is the perfect place to go.

Art Barn School of Art is located in Valparaiso and has been helping Hoosiers indulge in their artistic side since the 1970s. Art Barn believes that everyone can make art and offers multiple art classes so that each person can find something they enjoy. Classes are unique, ranging from ceramics to crafting fairy houses. Art Barn is also special in the way they offer classes and workshops to any age group. Children ages 5 and above can enjoy art classes, camps, and seasonal workshops. Some of the classes include multiple ceramics classes, drawing classes, Christmas Ornament making, and Fairy & Gnome House Workshops. Adults and teenagers are welcome to try art classes, advanced classes, and extensive workshops with art professionals. There are classes involving plein-air painting, watercolor classes, quilt making, ceramics, and pastels. While exploring these different types of media, you will be under the expert care of multiple educated instructors. The instructors are all professionals in their respected mediums, and have past experience working with children and inexperienced artists. Attendees will also be in the company of several barn animals, including a mini horse, a mini donkey, goats, bunnies, and several other barnyard animals. The natural environment surrounded by trees and flowers promises inspiration.

Art Barn School of Art is dedicated to their artistic mission inspired by their founder Janet Sullivan, who bought the barn back in 1969. Inspired by artists in Door County, Wisconsin, Sullivan applied their techniques and created a similar environment here in Northwest Indiana. After years of making it a personal refuge for herself and other artists, Sullivan opened Art Barn’s doors to the public. Janey Sullivan’s personal motto, “Do It!” is alive and well in the classes available, the instructors you will meet, and the active artistic environment of the barn as a whole. You can learn more about Janet and her mission on the Art Barn’s website at

There are a lot of unhealthy habits out there. This time, try indulging in something a little bit healthier, a tad bit more expressive, and a lot more artistic.

You can find out more about the classes, instructors, and even the barnyard animals on the Art Barn website or by giving them a call at 219-462-9009.