Art Barn’s Art Blitz provides opportunities to dabble in the arts

Art Barn’s Art Blitz provides opportunities to dabble in the arts

Art Barn’s Art Blitz is a great opportunity for families, friends, or couples to let their guard down and try something new. At no cost, Art Blitz is the perfect place to learn with no expensive supplies required. 

However, trying your hand at art is not required to have a great time. There will also be vendors, stage acts, and art demonstrations.

The sixth annual Art Blitz will take place on September 17 and 18 from 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

“Art Blitz is essentially an entry point for the arts for a general audience,” said Art Barn Executive Director Amy Davis-Navardauskas. “We open up our facilities to all ages to be able to come in and experiment with all kinds of different art engagement activities that happened during the day that people couldn't usually try. They can actually try their hand at a certain medium or they can create a block that would go on our mural, so a lot of interactive things that we have going on as well.”

There is no requirement to participate in an activity. In fact, there are just as many opportunities to observe as there are to engage.

“We also have demonstrations for people that are a little bit more timid about rolling up their sleeves. So they'll be plenty of artists' demonstrations going on,” said Davis-Navardauskas.

Art Blitz also brings live music and opportunities for vendors. The combo of life activities makes this, unlike other art fairs.

“There's going to be performances. We've got some dancers coming; we're going to have some live music, and we've got somebody that's going to do magic,” Davis-Navardauskas. said. “We also have a student chamber ensemble, so there's a variety of different things that are going to be on stage. Then we also have artists, and exhibitors that come in, They set up a booth and sell their show and sell their work as well.”

Art Blitz has partnered with Quinlan & Fabish in past years to provide visitors an opportunity to try new instruments.

“We're hoping to bring them back again this year. In the past, it was just a lot of fun to see and hear people trying out different instruments.

 It's that whole process of seeing someone let down their guard and go ‘Okay, I'll pick up that instrument and give it a try and I don't mind sounding awful,’” Davis-Navardauskas said. “I think those are sort of little tiny, magical moments that are a big part of the events because that's what it's all about for us—trying to get people to just try things out.”

Instruments are not the only artistic opportunities.

“Acrylic painting is one of the activities that will have. People will have an opportunity to experiment with play because we do have a ceramic art studio. I believe we're going to have somebody doing a photography demo,” Davis-Navardauskas said.

That is only a taste of the offerings.

“One of those activities that we've had year to year is creating a tile for a mural that will be installed here at Art Barn,” said Davis-Navardauskas. “In the past, we've done a farm scene. We have one that's all sunflowers, and last year we did a chicken mural. This year, we're going to do a monarch butterfly mural. Because we just started, we're going to be installing a monarch butterfly garden that's going to support the monarchs' lifecycle during the year. So that's going in and will be up by Art Blitz. We’re trying to help promote that and promote the butterflies.”

Learning a new skill can be daunting, especially when people only share the best fruits of their labor. Art Barn’s Art Blitz provides a place to try out a new skill and learn from mistakes. Learning something new does not have to be scary, at Art Blitz, it is celebrated and encouraged. With no parking fee or entry fee, there is also no excuse to miss this opportunity.

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