Are you ready to serve?

Are you ready to serve?

Cooperatives like Kankakee Valley REMC are different than other power providers. One of the most important differences is that our member-consumers lead us. Our employees focus on delivering safe and reliable electricity to your home or business. But the business decisions are made by member-consumers like you who serve as our elected directors.

An election will occur on Sept. 28 at the member appreciation day/annual business meeting. As a member-consumer of the co-op, you have the privilege of voting and running for an open seat on the board. This month, we are looking for individuals with a passion for the community and a willingness to serve and actively learn. 

Serving on KV REMC’s board means you’re making a difference locally. You can use your talents and perspective to guide big decisions about the co-op that, in turn, benefit the larger community. The board’s mission is to look out for the vitality of the co-op and the community it serves. Board members typically provide input and guidance on budgets, co-op goals and direction, capital investments and upgrades in equipment and technology, involvement in economic development and have an active involvement with the local legislators, to name a few. 

The energy industry is transitioning, and technological advancement and increased consumer preference for renewable energy are driving change. As a member of the board of directors, you would have an opportunity to help chart the course for our future. 

Ultimately, our board is the community pulse for the co-op and helps keep us on the right track. They have a passion for the community and want to help it thrive. If you share the same commitment and want to contribute to the greater good, I hope you’ll consider running for a board position on this year’s ballot. 

As a reminder, all members interested in running for a director position must attend the mandatory directorship meeting on Tuesday, June 27 at the KV REMC office at 6 p.m. CT. To learn more about the director election process, visit