Apartments Still Available at Bickford Senior Living

sunrise resizedThere are apartments still available at Bickford Senior Living. We offer companion and private apartments.

Private Apartments
Get a new lease on life with an apartment tucked cozily inside a Bickford branch. An extension of your home, your apartment is yours to personalize and decorate to your unique tastes. Stay comfortable with personal climate control set to your preferred comfort level. Ergonomic senior friendly fixtures, hardware and shower enhance your ease of use and extend your independence. Your own kitchenette allows you to entertain your friends and family and keep your favorite snacks on hand. Privacy and security is always guaranteed with a private bathroom and door locks. Your key to happiness is waiting!

Companion Apartments
More companionship and more savings equals more happiness for you! Particularly well suited for someone who has recently lost a loved one, a companion apartment offers the chance to increase engagement and socialization through friendship and companionship. Our companion apartments allow you to enjoy significant cost savings and the peace of mind that comes with knowing someone is always close by. Same Bickford, less cost.