Animal Lovers Gather at New Building by Chester, Inc. at Arbor View Animal Hospital Open House

Animal Lovers Gather at New Building by Chester, Inc. at Arbor View Animal Hospital Open House

On Sunday, Arbor View Animal Hospital debuted its new building at their Open House, where attendees got a chance to tour the new building, designed and constructed by Chester, Inc., and to meet the staff, all while enjoying fun with the family and the community.

“We utilized our design/build philosophy and constructed the building,” said Rich Shields, Director of Marketing and Business Development for Chester, Inc. “It turned out fabulous.”

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The staff of Arbor View was excited to share the new building with the community.

“We have a brand-new facility that we just built,” said Dr. Jenny Herbert, Owner of Arbor View.  “We have been in the area for over 50 years, and we finally have a new facility.”

Arbor View wanted to hold the event to offer the community a firsthand look at the building. Complete with a raffle, goodie bags, a food truck, and a beer garden, the event invited members of the community to enjoy a day with the family while they learned about Arbor View and toured the new facility.

“Today is the grand opening of our new building,” said Bobbie Smith, Office Manager of Arbor View. “We are very excited to share this with our community today.”

The new building offered clients personal touches they could appreciate when they bring their pets in for examinations or treatments.

“I love the new building,” said Tammy Shepard of Valparaiso. “It is so much nicer and bigger. It’s awesome.”

Chester, Inc. hoped the new building would better allow Arbor View to meet the needs of the community.

“[We value] any time that we can do growth and expansion for a business that is growing at the seams,” said Shields. “We love when we can expand their business model and what they can offer the community.”

The community expressed their appreciation for the new building by Chester, Inc.

“The rooms are bigger and not as cramped,” said Shepard, who spoke to the trust she has in Arbor View Animal Hospital for the care of their three rabbits. “We love Arbor View. They just spayed all three of our bunnies, so I wouldn’t miss this open house for the world.”

“We have more space and more exam rooms,” said Herbert. “We have a drive-thru pharmacy to pick up your pet meds. We want to make it more convenient for people.”

The staff of Arbor View thanked Chester, Inc. for the outstanding new facility.

“Chester Construction did a great job,” said Herbert. “I highly recommend them to anyone for their construction needs. As far as building our vision and creating what we wanted for our practice, they did an excellent job.”

“The building is amazing,” commented Smith. “It’s three times as much as space as we had. The rooms are much quieter, which is important to us and to our clients and pets. We practice fear-free handling here, which is having the least amount of stress when dealing when pets because they are already coming into a stressful environment. [The new building] adds to what we can bring to the community.”

Arbor View and Chester, Inc. recognized the mutually beneficial relationship.

“The partnership between Arbor View and Chester, Inc. was amazing,” said Smith. “We had open windows of communication, and the subcontractors were amazing. It was a great ten months. We like to have a great atmosphere while working with your pets.”

Chester, Inc. was nothing short of thrilled with the turnout for the Arbor View Animal Hospital Open House.

“We’re very honored to have the opportunity to partner with Arbor View on the construction of this new facility and sharing in their open house,” said Shields. “We wish the Herberts and the Arbor View staff tremendous success and prosperity to come.”

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