An Inside Look Behind Steindler Signs and their Many Services

An Inside Look Behind Steindler Signs and their Many Services

A sign has the ability to tell a story, a brand, and a mission in the matter of a second. Steindler Signs and Graphix gives every customer that opportunity to have in their community, as they understand that the end product consists of a multitude of detailed steps.

“You only have seconds to really capture someone’s attention, especially if it’s a sign on your vehicle or if someone is driving by your facility, such as ours, at 65 miles per hour,” said Tom Steindler, owner of Steindler Signs.

This stands true with Steindler Signs, as their behind the scenes work goes further than just the end product. The creation of a sign falls into the branding of a business, and even that business’s facility, staff, and customers. With a Steindler Sign, there is a lot more than meets the eye.

“We not only provide the customer with a sign, but we go to their facilities, meet their staff, and estimate what is best for them based off their location and needs,” Steindler said.

Steindler Signs continues to assist the community by reaching out to businesses and offering assistance to help rebrand them. The company believes that a sign has the opportunity and ability to immediately share the vision of a company’s mission to the public eye.

“Not all our customers know what they want. Our professional staff are able to sit down and go over the process with them,” Steindler said.

The preparation work for each project includes many steps, such as the original creation of a design, unique advertising platform options, website construction, and even lighting.

Steindler Signs assists with parking lot lighting and converting lights to LED, as many people still use neon and fluorescent. This allows for other possibilities that favor the customer, such as refunds from NIPSCO and their energy source.

Steindler Signs also has Crane Trucks, Bucket Trucks, and trailers to assist the community with projects. They help with the Valpo Parks Department to tear down and lift equipment, and have also been used in the past to set trusses for building construction companies.

Many companies around the area don’t have access to the professional equipment Steindler Signs has, such as the 5ft by 10ft Router Machine that can route different types of material to their facility. These include wood, aluminium, metal, and other materials that become unique advertising platforms.

“Many companies don’t know we have this equipment available. Not only can we do signs, but we can also help with the construction trade because of our equipment,” Steindler said.

The Steindler Signs team is currently working on a project in Westville with industrial paintings, using their trucks and equipment.

Located only a short distance from South Bend, Valparaiso, and Michigan City, Steindler Signs lends out their hands and tools to anyone who needs assistance in the Region. They are a team of creative people who are rounded and well-versed in their craft. If you are interested in any of the many services Steindler Signs offers, visit