An Albert’s Diamond Jewelers employee spotlight: Jacquelyn Michael

An Albert’s Diamond Jewelers employee spotlight: Jacquelyn Michael

For Jacquelyn Michael, Gold Estate Buyer at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers, hardships throughout her life have allowed her to flourish in her role. 

Jackie has been a part of the Albert’s family for nearly 11 years. On a day-to-day basis, she spends her time working with customers who are looking to sell or pawn jewelry pieces. She weighs the pieces, measures diamonds, and then gives a starting price to resell.

“Every day is different and exciting. I make great contacts with people in the area,” she said.

Jackie became interested in the field through her marriage. She and her husband were together for 18 years, and he opened a coin shop, which later segued into a jewelry and pawn shop. In a matter of time, she found her way to Albert’s Diamond Jewelers.

After dealing with a family sickness and death, Jackie chose to step away from Albert’s for a short time period. However, when she returned, she said it felt as if she was “coming back home.”

“They make you feel like part of the family in every way. They’re great people to work for, and over the years, everyone has truly become part of my family, as well,” she said.

Jackie said one of the greatest joys of her work at Albert’s is being able to provide financial relief to families going through a tough time.

“Most banks can’t do small-amount loans, so we service the client in this way through jewelry loans. Also, these transactions benefit both the customer and Albert’s. We receive new jewelry for great prices, and in some cases the pieces are rare and vintage, which is always exciting,” Jackie said.

If she had to choose, she said her favorite part of her job is getting to know her clients and each of their stories.

“Making relationships with my clients is the best part. I’m an outgoing person, and it’s always interesting to hear people talk about their families, loved ones, fur babies, and most of all, their history,” Jackie said. “In most cases, all the jewelry that I see has a story behind it. Whether it was handed down through generations or something else, that’s the beauty of jewelry—it all has history.”

Some aspects of Jackie’s job are bittersweet. Many times, the jewelry that she looks at throughout her workday are products of widowing, divorce, or a death in the family. Although these subjects are sensitive, Jackie feels comfortable navigating through them and making her clients feel comfortable.

“I’ve been there. I’ve been through the tough times that a lot of my clients are going through when they come into Albert’s to see me. I always tell them that there’s a silver lining. The clouds might be dark, but there is always a silver lining,” Jackie said.

When Jackie isn’t working at Albert’s she enjoys traveling to visit friends and family. She has two sons, one of whom is a police officer in Las Vegas and another who is a carpenter apprentice.

Another highlight of her life is her love for her grandbabies. Jackie enjoys spending time with the three of them, especially playing outside and going to events around the community.

Jackie would like to thank her father, who has since passed away, for always telling her she could be anything in life if she chooses to go for it.

“I work every day to make him proud,” she said.

Looking forward, Jackie would like to continue to build Albert’s area of gold buying and pawning and strives to work to her highest potential.

Next time you stop in at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers, be sure to say hello to Jackie Michael.