An Advanced Dental Concepts Spotlight: The Office Leaders

An Advanced Dental Concepts Spotlight: The Office Leaders

As an expansive dental practice, Advanced Dental Concepts (ADC) needs a big team to meet their high standards for patient care. ADC’s staff is comprised of essential workers, including the office leaders working in the background to make sure each ADC office is running smoothly.  

They are a team of five:  Leana Babulic, Crown Point Team Leader; Jenna Marie, Portage Team Leader; Sally Skipton, Chesterton Team Leader; Monica Pyzynski, Regional Team Lead; and Kathy Hayes, Business Coordinator and Dental Hygienist. Together, they create and implement the daily protocols that ensure every office and team member is in sync and can focus entirely on providing quality care for patients.   

“I want ADC to have the best foundation possible so we can be the best we can for our patients,” Pyzynski said. “I want to make sure we are doing great dental work and having fun with our patients, creating a family atmosphere. We love our patients, and it’s so important that they feel that way when they come in to see us.”   

Dr. Danny Hayes founded ADC with a mission to provide care so compassionate, professional, and comprehensive that patients feel compelled to tell their friends and family about their experiences. Kathy Hayes said her job is to make sure that mission is second nature to the ADC team.   

“My husband is a brilliant man with an incredible vision that I work very hard to maintain at ADC,” she said. “My goal is to keep that vision and our mission statement alive for our patients and our team. ADC is one of the exceptional dental practices in Northwest Indiana because of the work the other managers and I do to bring my husband’s vision to light.”   

The work that the office leaders do is essential to maintaining Dr. Hayes’ vision. They set ADC apart by focusing on customer service, prioritizing their patients, and working to develop the future of ADC.   

“My job consists of a lot of different things that make sure everyone is safe and that our day flows well,” Skipton said. “That means answering phones, scheduling patients, processing insurance, or even just cleaning a room to make sure we can stay on time with all of our appointments.”   

The office leader’s role got a lot more complicated this year due to COVID-19, and ADC implemented strong measures to keep their patients and team members safe.   

“Our team has made it their mission to provide safe dental care to all our patients during this unprecedented year,” Marie said. “We understand that dental care cannot be put on the back burner. I’m proud of our team for rising to the challenges we’ve faced this year and for always keeping our patient’s best interests at heart.”   

Babulic felt that in some ways, COVID-19 has only strengthened her team’s bond.   

“It’s important to adapt to the change in environment, and I think we’ve done a great job so far,” she said. “I feel like COVID-19 brought us closer together, because as essential workers, we’re still seeing each other every day through all of this.”   

Satisfied patients and passionate team members are what makes all the work worth it to Kathy Hayes.   

“The biggest reward is getting to meet such interesting and kind people daily and working with an amazing team,” she said. “They are the reason we do what we do and motivate us at ADC to continue growing and learning new ways to be the best we can for our patients.”   

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