Amy Koulianos Provides Compassionate, Personal Care to Northwest Indiana Women

Amy Koulianos Provides Compassionate, Personal Care to Northwest Indiana Women

Amy Koulianos began her radiology career with Methodist Hospitals in 1991 and currently works in mammography. After 26 years of working with Methodist, she still enjoys the quality of care she is able to provide to her patients. Methodist focuses on providing the latest technology in patient care. That technology-first thinking and ability to pace with change is part of why Koulianos loves her job.

“We went from using and developing film and waiting on images to digital back in 2009. Now, we have the three-dimensional unit which we’ve had for about six years. It is amazing, the images are much clearer now and we can see images as we do them. It saves a lot of time and money. The technology has really evolved over the years,” said Koulianos.

New technology is a good thing to utilize, but isn’t the only thing that makes a visit to the Northwest Indiana Breast Care Center at Methodist Hospitals an amazing experience for patients. What makes it wonderful is the level of care and hospitality put in by the staff members. Koulianos understands that making patients feel cared for, rather than like a number, is incredibly important.

“I like being in mammography because we get to know the patients one-on-one; they aren't another number. You get to know their faces and spend more time with them than you would otherwise,” said Koulianos. “There’s a lot of personal questions that we ask, and I just feel it's more personal.”

Providing personal, compassionate care is at the heart of their purpose. Working in a department where stressful procedures are done frequently can be challenging, but Koulianos recognizes the reward and necessity of her position.

“Sometimes you’re helping women whose lives are about to change in an instant and we’re here to lend a helping hand and an ear. It’s always the unknown for anyone undergoing a mammogram and we’re an important part of their exam and sometimes their diagnosis,” said Koulianos. “When they have to go through other things, we’re there to guide them through it.”

Being there for others is an integral part of such a personal experience, and one Koulianos strives to maintain. Being there for others doesn’t end with work, though.

Family is what roots her in Northwest Indiana, being born and raised in the area, she understands how many activities are available to her and her family.

“There's so much this area has to offer. I love the change of the seasons as well. Fall is my favorite with the trees changing colors. I love that cooler weather, but you’re still able to get outside and do things as well,” said Koulianos.

Education about women’s health becomes even more prominent with that cooler weather as October ushers in National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Koulianos takes pride in her work and strives to provide the best care for her patients year-round, though, with her compassionate, caring spirit.

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