Always Save at Strack & Van Til: Every Day Low Prices

By: Kole Rushmore Last Updated: February 22, 2019

It’s grocery shopping day, and life happened this week, so you haven’t had any time to go through the sale papers much less clip any coupons. That’s when the best-value brands on the shelves come in handy – offering shoppers brand-name quality groceries for less. At Strack & Van Til, the Always Save brand offers a quick-grab for busy shoppers who haven’t had time to plan for savings but still want the best deal possible.

Strack’s offers more than 450 Always Save items on the shelves, backed by a 100 percent guarantee and their signature family-owned grocer customer service. Can’t find what you need? Just ask. Next time you are at the store, check out the Always Save items and compare them for savings. Here are a few examples we found:

Always Save Water - 1 gallon 99¢ compared to $1.39

Always Save Tomato Sauce - 6 oz 29¢ compared to 78¢

Always Save Whole Kernel Corn, Cut Green Beans - 4 oz 49¢ compared to $1.49

Always Save Paper Plates - 100 count $1.99 compared to $5.99

Always Save Peanut Butter - 18 oz $1.69 compared to $2.99

Always Save Oyster Crackers - 12 oz 79¢ compared to $3.29

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