All Pieces Fit Summer Camp

All Pieces Fit Summer Camp
By: All Pieces Fit Last Updated: May 14, 2019

For the first time ever, All Pieces Fit will be hosting a Summer Day Camp for children aged 4-17 who are on the autism spectrum. The educational and activity-based camp will take place from July 8 to July 19.

All Pieces Fit Clinical Director, Brandi Smith MA, BCBA is not only passionate about improving the lives of her clients, she is also passionate about improving the lives of children in the community impacted by autism. Brandi believes there is a need for children on the autism spectrum to stay active and engaged during the summer months. This is why the summer camp sprung into motion.

"It’s another opportunity for kids to interact with their peers, partake in group activities, and learn through the utilization of Applied Behavioral Analysis principles,” All Pieces Fit Community Outreach Coordinator, Sam Mahoney said.

“There will be many structured activities that will satisfy sensory needs, as well as physical activities outside to enhance play and participation skills," Mahoney said.

Visual supports will be used to enhance language comprehension and prediction for the campers as needed.

On Friday, May 24th, APF will be hosting a Parent Callout Meeting where details of the summer camp will be discussed. This will also give parents of potential campers the opportunity to complete documentation that describes their child in detail. The meeting will also allow the APF team to evaluate the needs of every camper, which will ultimately help them determine staffing, programming, and if their child would be a good fit for this particular camp.

Volunteers for the program have been hand selected and are passionate about providing care to children with autism. Those who have been chosen will be required to attend trainings on ABA principles, as well as completing other requirements such as a background check and in person meeting and brief interview with APF management prior to delivering care.

Mahoney said that most of their volunteers are interested in caring for children with autism or have a family member on the spectrum. 

"Children with autism often crave structure. Prediction is how they navigate their day," Mahoney said. "Our goal is to structure our camp with this is mind."

“Knowing that your kids are being watched by trained passionate professionals who have personally come forward to give their service to work with your child with autism -- that’s great.”.

All Pieces Fit is grateful for local, generous sponsors who have offered to supply food and drink during the duration of the camp.

Medicaid and primary insurance is accepted, and private pay options are available. To sign up or see if this is the right camp experience for your child, please contact a member of the All Pieces Fit Outreach Team at 219-525-4572 Ext. 103, or visit their website at