Albert’s Diamond Jewelers Receives Generous Auction Donation

Albert’s Diamond Jewelers Receives Generous Auction Donation
By: Colleen Hannon Last Updated: August 15, 2016

Joe and Kay were married for 44 years before Kay passed away two and a half years ago.

“I was lucky to get her,” said Joe. “ She was a beautiful young lady. She was very neat and clean. A sharp dresser.”

Joe laughed said that when they would go out together he’d often hear her say “You’re wearing that? I’m not going out with you!” And then she’d make him change.

“When Kay walked into a room, people would look at her.” said Joe.

Joe and Kay were both collectors at heart. Joe has his stunning coin collection that he takes great pride in and care of. And Kay had her jewelry.

For Kay, Albert’s Diamond Jewelers was like a second home to her. She had made lots of friends there and had acquired quite a large collection of jewelry and watches.

Joe-Kay-Alberts-Auction-02Joe-Kay-Alberts-Auction-03When Albert’s would get something new in, they would call Kay up first or even better, they would often even come by their home to show her.

When Kay’s dear friend Jackie would call from the store with something new for her, Joe would often joke, “Jackie needs a sale! She’s bringing some Jewelry!”

Since Kay’s passing, Joe wasn’t sure what to do with all of her beautiful jewelry since they had no children to pass it on to. He decided to give it to a worthy cause, to help someone else.

Albert’s was the first thing that came to mind. He found about about the live auction they hold every year to raise money and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis last year and decided to donate some of her jewelry to help out. He donated 30 pieces last year helping to raise over $20,000 dollars.

Joe says that giving her things away for a worthy cause like Albert’s live auction doesn’t just help others. “It’s helping me out too. I love my wife. I consider myself very lucky that Kay said yes. I only think of the good times we had together. It’s difficult for me to get rid of stuff that belonged to her.”

This year he donated another 30 pieces, including 3 watches and some costume jewelry. One of those watches was very important to Kay. Joe and Kay traveled a lot. They traveled to Paris, Egypt and so much more. It was a two setting watch that helped her keep track of their home time zone when they traveled to new ones.

With about 30 pieces left in his collection, he plans to donate some more next year, but not all of them. He plans to hold onto some pieces, including her engagement ring to remember her by.

Albert’s was a second home to Kay, just as it is to many in the community. Even though Joe and Kay did not have any children to pass her jewelry onto, they had Albert’s.