Advanced Dental Concepts’ “What in the Hygiene” podcast offers bite-sized edu-tainment, busts viral dental myths

Advanced Dental Concepts’ “What in the Hygiene” podcast offers bite-sized edu-tainment, busts viral dental myths

Myths, rumors, trends, and stories of all kinds spread like wildfire these days with videos, clips, and memes on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter contributing information and misinformation one view at a time. No topic is spared, as dental hygienist Jamie Leonard and hygiene assistant Tiffany Gavrilos quickly learned.

Leonard and Gavrilos work together at Advanced Dental Concepts’ Crown Point office, where their friendly, chatty relationships with their patients have led to them hearing a lot of the stories that spread around social media. Together, they decided to do something about all the misinformation and started “What in the Hygiene,” a bite-sized podcast where they tackle rumors, share tips, and teach about dental hygiene with a fun, light-hearted approach.

“There are so many fun dental topics out there,” Leonard said. “We’re busting dental myths we’ve seen on TikTok and Instagram, highlighting products we’ve learned about that we want to spread the word on, and doing interviews with Advanced Dental Concepts' dentists.”

“What in the Hygiene” has six episodes so far, each about five to 10 minutes long, touching on topics such as charcoal toothpaste, whether electric toothbrushes are worth the cost, and the realities of oil pulling.

“We just want it to be natural, like we’re having a conversation,” Leonard said. “We don’t have a script, just some notes with cited sources. It’s way more chill that way, and I feel like people relate to it better – it’s not us lecturing the listener, it’s just a conversation you’d have any time, sharing things we’ve heard, things we’ve read, things patients have said.”

Leonard and Gavrilos’ favorite episode so far was when they brought on Dr. Lauren Hansen, from Advanced Dental Concepts' Portage office, to discuss how marijuana and smoking can impact your oral hygiene.

“A lot of people don’t realize how much it affects your dental work,” Gavrilos said. “It’s such a common thing, where marijuana is legal in the states around us, and around here, it’s super common to consume products with THC. We learned a lot from Dr. Hansen.”

Education aside, Gavrilos hopes “What in the Hygiene” helps people feel more comfortable visiting the dentist by giving them a peek at what the culture is like inside the Advanced Dental Concepts Office.

“The big thing I say is that we’re not your enemy, we’re on your side,” she said. “When you come in, we’re here to help. We’re your friend in the chair, your family over years.”

Leonard even brought her son, Jackson, onto the podcast for a Q & A, where he offered advice to other kids who might be afraid of the dentist.

“I think it shows a lot about who we are here at the office,” she said. “We bond really well here, with our co-workers and our patients. This podcast is us talking to you like we do here. It’s us sharing things, and hopefully making you more comfortable to come into the office.”

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