Advanced Dental Concepts sheds light on advantages of private practice dentistry

Advanced Dental Concepts sheds light on advantages of private practice dentistry

Danny Hayes, DMD, could easily have a great day just by walking into a room and chatting with his patients without ever doing any dental care. The relationships he and other staff members have formed with patients are just that fulfilling, and it all stems from developing a private practice philosophy based on 100-percent patient-centered care.

“That is the benefit of owning a private practice where we are not driven by volume alone, but more by providing an exceptional patient experience. We can build those relationships with our patients that are stronger than those in most other medical situations. I believe our patients are our family. They’re our friends, even outside of dentistry, and that’s very valuable,” Hayes said.

After dental school, Hayes entered a private practice for a year and a half, actually working in pediatric dentistry, while he built his vision for becoming a practice owner. By the time he put out a shingle for Advanced Dental Concepts, the vision was clear.

“We revolve everything in our practice around making sure patients feel like they are a part of our family,” he said. “That is one of the most rewarding things about owning your own practice. We can take that philosophy and help our patients overcome the anxiety and fear they might have about dental care, which ultimately helps them successfully address their own personal health overall.”

That fact alone, he said, is what sets Advanced Dental Concepts apart from others.

The best way Hayes can describe the culture of care at Advanced Dental Concepts is by using the Disney philosophy example.

“We don’t want to just be a provider. We want to change people’s perspectives of dental care,” Hayes said. “Patients have choices. We build our patient base through experiences, which then translate to referrals. Patients who come to our office choose to come here, and we can’t give them any reason to choose otherwise. This is why we make the experience and the relationship the cornerstone of our practice’s culture.”

Hayes could have chosen to be part of a franchise dental company but opted to open a private family practice so he and the staff could provide the best patient care possible based on their vision of personalized care.

“We are a family-owned practice with multiple locations. Without the traditional corporate oversight, we are able to scale our patient-centered practice vision,” Hayes said.

Business practices are designed to give Hayes and his team full control over everything from the materials and equipment they use to the convenient financial options they offer patients.

“We are not limited by the requirements of a corporate entity. I want to leave the practice at the end of the day feeling good about the care we’re providing the patient without the distractions of bureaucracy. I know we have made a difference when I see a patient look forward to coming to us for care, when they used drag themselves to the dentist in fear and apprehension. Getting the patient over that hump so they can contribute to their own healthcare is the biggest accomplishment we can make,” Hayes said.

As Advanced Dental Concepts grew over the years – from one office to now three with their recent opening in Chesterton – Hayes said he is laser-focused on making sure their practice philosophy and culture is consistent. Recruiting the right people, coupled with expert skill, is key.

“First and foremost, we’re looking for compassion. We’re looking for people who are truly genuine,” he said. “We hire people who truly care about our patients and our teammates, and while we always look for that perfect combination of skill and personality, it’s always character first.”

The first significant milestone Advanced Dental Concepts hit was in 2006 when they began incorporating dental implants into the practice.

“Dental implants are the future of dentistry,” Hayes said. “We started doing them in 2006 as mini implants and began full cases in 2008. That was a gamechanger for the practice and our patients, opening us up to a completely different realm of dentistry,” Hayes said.

Since then, other milestones have included their first expansion to Portage and their most recent opening in Chesterton.

While the practice is adhering closely now to all ADA, IDA, and government guidelines related to the COVID-19 pandemic, they are only seeing patients at the Crown Point office for emergency care. It’s a temporary change, but Hayes said the team is definitely feeling it.

“At Advanced Dental Concepts, we love the relationships we have built with our patients. You are our family, and we miss you when we aren’t able to see and care for you,” he said. “The trust we have been able to build together through your dental care is our top priority, and we thank you for giving us the opportunity to continue to be your family-owned and operated dental practice. We look forward to seeing more of you when the pandemic situation improves. In the meantime, we encourage everyone to wash their hands, stay at home, brush and floss, and we wish all of you health and wellness as we get through this together.”

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