Advanced Dental Concepts equips GreatNews.Life’s Jenny Craig-Brown with an upgraded smile

Advanced Dental Concepts equips GreatNews.Life’s Jenny Craig-Brown with an upgraded smile

When GreatNews.Life Executive Director Jenny Craig-Brown needed some cosmetic maintenance done on a few teeth, she knew she needed a dentist who specialized in cosmetic dentistry while prioritizing dental health. She ultimately chose to work with Advanced Dental Concepts, which provided not only excellent results, but an excellent experience from start to finish as well.

Craig-Brown originally received a dental composite resin treatment from a different dentist about 14 years ago, but the treatment was never meant to be a permanent fix. The resin was starting to break down, and it was time to either redo the treatment or decide on a different alternative.

It was not feasible for Craig-Brown to go back to the dentist that performed the original treatment, so she had to begin the search for a new dentist that could take care of her cosmetic dental requests.

“I was getting nervous because it needed to be redone, but I didn't know who to go to. I moved away from the first place, so I started looking at our partners first and remembered how much Advanced Dental Concepts had talked about the cosmetic side and what they specialize in,” said Craig-Brown.

Advanced Dental Concepts boasts a health-first approach to cosmetic dentistry. The full-service dental office puts dental health at the forefront of every treatment, even when the service is strictly cosmetic.

“The first thing they told me was, ‘before we do anything that extreme, we want to go do some heavy-duty cleaning.’ They went under the gum line and everywhere else to make sure that my gums and teeth were in the right condition to be worked on, and then Dr. Danny Hayes and his team talked me through what they could do,” said Craig-Brown.

Upon her first consultation, Craig-Brown was confident that the staff at Advanced Dental Concepts was the right team for the job.

The team laid out the many options available to achieve the look that Craig-Brown had wanted, and they ultimately decided to upgrade from composite resin to permanent crowns.

Placing permanent crowns requires the original teeth to be ground down into a smaller surface for the crown to sit on top of. Then, a custom temporary crown is fit into place while the permanent crown is made.

The process can be nerve-wracking for anyone, especially for people like Craig-Brown who are on camera almost every day.

“I was definitely nervous. I get my picture taken a lot, I’m always on videos, podcasts, and YouTube, and I’m at all kinds of events. It's really scary to go to anyone for your teeth. It's double scary when it's someone new, and triple scary when it's cosmetic. The team was incredible about communicating with me through every step and letting me know what to expect,” said Craig-Brown.

On top of her everyday duties, Craig-Brown was also preparing to host the annual All About the Girls event, which required her to speak on stage and interact with over 300 community members. The knowledge that she would be wearing temporary crowns during the event was something she was worried about, but the team at Advanced Dental Concepts assured her that the temporary crowns would look exactly like her teeth did at the time of her consultation.

Craig-Brown also planned a vacation immediately following the event, and she was concerned about traveling. However, both the All About the Girls event and her vacation went perfectly with the temporary crowns and her permanent crowns were installed when she got back.

Her permanent crowns were placed in the Chesterton office, but almost every visit Craig-Brown scheduled was at one of the other locations, depending on her schedule and which location would be easiest for her. Her visits to each office were seamless, and no matter where she went, her records and information were easily accessed and the team was able to pick up exactly where they left off. Through the entire process, Dr. Danny Hayes and Nursing Assistant Emily Murray were there to take care of Craig-Brown every step of the way.

Craig-Brown’s experience with billing was also seamless, and Regional Team Lead Monica Pyzynski laid out every option for her, working through how insurance works and what her dental insurance would or wouldn't cover. These are often tough conversations to have.

She told Craig-Brown about the office’s Wellness Plan, which can be opened for a small fee and offers heavy discounts for any procedure. The Wellness Plan was an option that helped Craig-Brown save much more money than her insurance would have covered, and the plan made the process much more affordable.

“She sat me down and she built all of that out for me. She walked me through everything and what it would cost on both ends. They set you up for success right from the start because they tell you what everything is going to cost and how to make it cost as little as possible,” said Craig-Brown.

Craig-Brown is thrilled with her upgraded smile, and is equally as happy to have been able to work with such a great team of experts who truly heard her concerns, worked to resolve nerves, and ultimately delivered an exceptional result.

“For me, this was a really huge deal. I was really nervous, but they are experts, they had a great team of people, and they really made me feel confident that I would be taken care of in every step of the process,” said Craig-Brown.

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