Advanced Dental Concepts Employee Spotlight: Dr. Lauren Hansen

Advanced Dental Concepts Employee Spotlight: Dr. Lauren Hansen

Following dentistry school and equipped with the latest leading-edge knowledge in the dental field, Dr. Lauren Hansen has already started blooming at her new home, Advanced Dental Concepts.

After graduating from Indiana University School of Dentistry, Hansen eagerly joined the staff at Advanced Dental Concepts at both their Portage and Crown Point locations.

Hansen grew up in Griffith and went to Indiana University South Bend for a year. She soon realized she wanted to explore a healthcare career and began to look into dentistry. On reason Hansen chose dentistry was because of the connection she could make with her patients.

“Dentistry allows you to see your patients on a regular basis. That allows you to build a real relationship with them,” Hansen said. “Often we are the only healthcare provider they may see. That allows me to make a difference in their lives.”

After graduation, Hansen knew she would return to Northwest Indiana to be near her family. She found her home at Advanced Dental Concepts.

“The staff are very knowledgeable about dentistry. Everyone plays a key role in contributing to the patient experience,” Hansen said.

As a dentist at Advanced Dental Concepts, Hansen has a busy schedule working with patients on everything from procedures to hygiene checks, treatment planning, and consultations. She loves to develop trusting relationships with her patients.

“Even if they’re nervous, when they arrive, we put them at east and make them feel comfortable. It’s a great family environment here,” she said.

Something Hansen noticed right away is how Advanced Dental Concepts is centered around patient-dentist relationships and how to make people feel at home. They have one-on-one consults with patients before any procedure. Hansen recognized that type of relationship is comforting for people and a large part of the culture at Advanced Dental Concepts.

“It’s really patient-centered. I don’t think I’ve ever been in an office that will take the time to just sit down with patients individually before they even start anything and talk about everything that’s going on,” she said. “Patients definitely have a voice in their care. It’s a conversation between the dentist and the patient, and the staff and the patient. It’s a two-way conversation, not a one-way conversation,” she said.

Hansen also loves the environment at Advanced Dental Concepts and the team’s commitment to providing patients with a positive and comfortable dental experience.

“Everyone knows that the patient comes first, and their needs are important. Everyone works to make it a great experience. I know people sometimes get nervous when they come to a dental office, and we work to alleviate that,” Hansen said. “It’s a big family feeling. You feel it as soon as you walk in here. It’s different than any dental office I’ve ever shadowed or been in before. It’s genuine. We really care about all of our patients.”

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