Advanced Dental Concepts’ Dr. Christine Helping Make Dentist Visits Less Intimidating

Advanced Dental Concepts’ Dr. Christine Helping Make Dentist Visits Less Intimidating

When it comes to needing to make a trip to the dentist, there is an immediate hesitancy and, in most cases, fear that prevents people from making their appointments. Dr. Christine, DMD and Advanced Dental Concepts are helping to change that stigma.

Dr. Christine has always been passionate about her career. Born and raised in Egypt, she graduated from dental school with a specialty in pediatric dentistry. She practiced dentistry in Egypt for three years before moving to the United States with her husband in 2008. Dr. Christine earned her DMD degree from UIC College of Dentistry in Chicago. With two small children, it wasn’t easy, but she persevered.

“I love what I do,” Dr. Christine said. “This has always been my dream.”

Dr. Christine prides herself on her ability to make her patients comfortable.

“So many times, people come with that great fear, or they’ve have a bad experience from before. Just putting them at ease, making them comfortable, and listening to them, that’s one of the rewarding things,” Dr. Christine said. “Hearing patients say, ‘That was not so bad! That was a lot better than I thought!’ It’s very rewarding to hear that.”

With her background in pediatric dentistry, Dr. Christine especially wants to help ease her younger patients’ fears and to change their perception of trips to the dentist.

“This is one of the great things that I enjoy, starting that little seed that I can plant that will affect those kids’ futures, and make coming to the dentist not as scary as they think,” Dr. Christine said. “I want to help them start that good habit, and the mindset that coming to the dentist is not bad, it’s not hard, and they can do it, and that will make them care as grownups. In their 50s or 60s, they can carry that feeling instead of that fear.”

When she was hired at Advanced Dental Concepts back in May, Dr. Christine knew she had come to the right place.

“Everybody here knows what they’re doing, everybody here has that heart and cares about what they’re doing,” Dr. Christine said. “We have a good system, we’re a good family. Everybody is part of the team.”

Beyond the excellent collaborative skillset and work culture, Dr. Christine felt especially at home in Advanced Dental Concepts’ philosophy toward caring for patients.

“We want to make every patient feel so special. Here, it’s not about the numbers, it’s not about money, it’s not about the business part, it’s more about the care that we want to provide to every single patient,” Dr. Christine said. “I’ve been to other places where that was not their philosophy, so when I came to interview with Dr. Hayes and I came to observe a couple of times, what I noticed was how everyone had that teamwork sense, and how every patient is made to feel so special. That stood out to me.”

When she’s not working, Dr. Christine loves spending time with her family and cooking for them.

“I’m a mom first and then a dentist,” Dr. Christine said.

Her job as a mom makes her job as a dentist that much more fulfilling and successful, though.

“When I talk to my patients who are moms, I always find something that we both have in common,” Dr. Christine said. “We share stories about our kids and that always breaks the ice, those things we have in common.”

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