Advanced Dental Concepts Customer Service Soars

Advanced Dental Concepts Customer Service Soars

As soon as you step through the doors of Advanced Dental Concepts, you’re greeted with warm smiles and customer service that instantly makes the dentist office feel as welcoming as a home.

At both their Crown Point and Portage locations, their philosophy is to make patients feel like family. The ADC team knows that many people walk into a dentist’s office feeling anxious or nervous, so their main priority is providing comfort. 

“A lot of patients tell us they feel like family, and that tells us that we’re doing our job,” said Dr. Danny Hayes.

They offer a coffee and water bar, essential oils to help calm anxious patients, hot towels, blankets and pillows, TVs with Netflix, and music to make patients feel more relaxed.

“Dentistry by nature is anxiety-inducing for a lot of people. We want to change the perception of dentistry for our patients. We feel like if we can do that, if we can overcome that fear for our patients, they’re patients for life,” Hayes said. 

Hayes, Dr. Lauren Hansen, and Dr. Christine Mousa are the dentists at Advanced Dental Concepts, and they each love getting to know their patients.

“I think dentistry gets kind of a bad rep in social media and many people have dental phobias. Making sure you build a good foundation helps people get over that fear that they have of dentistry,” Hansen said.

Hansen said she loves to take care of patients while also getting to know people in the area. By getting to know the patients, the team at Advanced Dental Concepts can provide them with understanding service.

“When you can get to know them and build trust, you can help them feel comfortable and address their dental needs,” said Dr. Hansen.

“If I can make a patient feel good, get through an appointment, be happy that they got through it, and overcome that fear, it makes me feel good as well. It’s rewarding for the patient, the doctor, and the staff,” Hayes said.

Customer service at Advanced Dental Concepts extends through the entire staff and begins with each customer being welcomed by name when they enter.

“The best part of my job is getting to spend time with people and getting to know them on a more personal level. We spend time with them, we talk to them, we know their families, we know their kids, we know their stories. The social part of the practice for me is fun,” Hayes said.

“We have casual relationships where patients can call doctors by their first names, and doctors can call patients by their first names. We joke, laugh, and just lighten the mood. A lot of times that in itself helps take the edge off for those patients,” he said.

Hansen, Hayes, and Mousa like talking to the patients about their hobbies and interests because it allows them to form relationships.

“If they can overcome the anxiety that comes along with dentistry, they end up treating themselves better in the long run,” Hayes said.

ADC’s Portage location opened just one year ago, and they have already made lasting connections with the Portage community.

“I love the feeling that we’re providing a service, and I love watching the practice grow based on the things we do. That’s rewarding for me,” Hayes said.

Advanced Dental Concepts is all about going above and beyond for their customers. Check out to learn more about their Crown Point location and visit for more on their Portage location.