Advanced Animal Medical Employee Spotlight: Karen Sarkisian

Advanced Animal Medical Employee Spotlight: Karen Sarkisian

As veterinary receptionist at Advanced Animal Medical, Karen Sarkisian knows what it's like to be front and center for assistance when it comes to pet owners and their animals. Assumedly, there are the typical duties of a receptionist, such as answering phone calls, scheduling appointments, and welcoming visitors. However, throughout her experience, Sarkisian has continued to bloom within her position, discovering a plethora of animal health knowledge and acquiring useful skills while working as the initial veterinary contact.

Before joining the Advanced Animal team in April, Sarkisian spent ten years at another local animal hospital. Before that experience, she worked with Greyhound Rescue, being very involved for a number of years. Throughout her experience she has undoubtedly grown her passion for animals and continues to gain the knowledge to help them.

“Growing up my parents only allowed dogs, so I swore I would have whatever I wanted when I was an adult,” Sarkisian said. “Over the years, I’ve pretty much had most anything you can imagine!”

Along with owning pets such as dogs, cats, birds, and small exotics, Sarkisian has assisted in rehabilitating wildlife.

“There is always something new to learn as far as on the medical side; medicine is always changing. There is something new every day and I am still learning on a daily basis,” Sarkisian said.

The exceptional pet care at Advanced Animal Medical is due to the extra precautions they take to curate a comfortable environment for animals. By providing the highest extent of care to their pet owners and pets, they ensure that all components for the betterment of the animal are covered.

Sarkisian spoke about the importance of communication between a pet owner and the veterinary team.

“It’s definitely a two-way street. They know their pet better than we do. It’s a matter of talking to them and being more on a personal level with them,” Sarkisian said. “It’s like a family atmosphere here; we are all open and friendly. Many of our clients hang out and chat with us for a while when they are here.”

Advanced Animal love catching up with their clients and animals, and enjoy hearing about all animal adventures.

“We love hearing all about clients’ pets, and all the fun stories! Sometimes pets are nervous and we may not be able to see their full personalities. You learn about animals by talking to their family,” Sarkisian said.

Advanced Animal Medical provides separate areas so dogs and cats can be separated throughout their visit to ensure comfort and low stress experience.

“If a cat is scared or curled up in a little ball, it's hard to do a thorough exam. By providing a low stress environment you can listen to their heartbeat better and a doctor can actually see what is going on with them,” Sarkisian said.

Sarkisian believes that her position has made a difference in the lives of many pets and pet owners.

“Here at Advanced Animal, I see everything from puppies and kittens that have just been adopted, to older pets that are nearing the ends of their lives. You see every different stage, and to know that you can help them is really rewarding to me,” Sarkisian said.

From southern Indiana to Michigan, many pet owners are more than willing to travel distances for the considerate and detailed care offered at Advanced Animal Medical.

“We get people that come from all distances. We drive further if we really like our doctors, so it's the same thing for our pets,” Sarkisian said. “Pets are like children, and you have to speak for them. If you are comfortable, they will be too.”

It is clear that Karen Sarkisian has evolved her position into something that goes beyond regular procedures. She makes it her duty to be extremely involved, learn skills, and acquire knowledge in order to better serve her clients. For more information about Advanced Animal Medical and their services, visit