A Wise Guys Liquors Employee Spotlight: Nicole Doeing

A Wise Guys Liquors Employee Spotlight: Nicole Doeing

Helping the Region’s residents find their drink of choice is what Nicole Doeing has been doing for the past seven years. In 2020, Doeing helped open the Valparaiso Wise Guys Discount Liquors where she takes care of the beer orders for the store as the assistant manager.

“When I was looking for a job seven years ago, I was looking for a better place to work,” Doeing said. “I wasn’t happy with where I was, then I got the job at Wise Guys. It also didn’t hurt that it was a two minute drive from my house. That was before the superstore was built.”

A typical day in Doeing’s life consists of receiving and placing orders, going through requests with customers, as well as stocking shelves. Her role as assistant manager encompasses much more than just that, though. Her personality encompasses the friendly demeanor of an old friend, and her knowledge of beer makes her a large presence in the Valparaiso Wise Guys store.

“I specifically do the beer orders for our store,” Doeing said. “So I go through the requests customers have, along with what we need, and place the orders. I also do the hiring at this location, so I help screen candidates and interview them, which can be stressful at times.”

The world of beer and spirits can be an interesting one. Doeing admits the best part of her job is the daily interactions between herself and her coworkers.

“I think a big part of what I love about my job is the people I work with,” Doeing said. “We’re like a big family here, and I’ve never been at a place that’s felt like a family environment. We look out for each other and make sure everything’s taken care of. It’s nice to work with good people and have fun while we work!”

The everyday interactions with not only the other employees but the customers that walk into the store are what makes her day.

“We can have fun with our customers,” Doeing said. “We don’t really have to be a stick in the mud, we’re able to have normal, everyday conversations with our customers. It’s great to be able to do our thing, and that’s where all the fun is.”

In her spare time, Doeing spends time with her husband and three sons. She enjoys hunting, fishing, and going to Hobart High School Football games to cheer for her youngest son. 

“Hopefully this upcoming season I can get outside and fish this summer,” Doeing said. “Once things lighten up I think I’ll be spending some quality time outside. Opening-up the new store made things a little hectic.”

If you are interested in the products Wise Guys Discount Liquors sells or want to request a certain drink, go to www.wiseguysliquors.com or call the Valparaiso store at (219) 286-7995.