A Wealth of Good News Just Waiting to Be Shared- All You Need to Do is Ask

I stopped last week to introduce myself to the folks at Bethany Church in La Porte and got to meet Sandii who mans their front desk and is extremely energetic about her church and the variety of ways that they reach out. "It is a community effort, all the time," she said. She told me about the traditional services that they have in the Sanctuary as well as the more contemporary services that they offer in the Arc. Pastor Dennis Meyer is their leader.

One of the current things that are active are their youth ground led by Brandon Long, who I got to meet, and I also saw their teen center which is getting repainted in some pretty cool vibrant colors that gives their teens a great place to hang out and share time with each other. They are planning a mission trip next year to Mexico. They did one earlier this year to Virginia where they served in a soup kitchen and painted porches of homes for folks that needed a bit of help.

Their outreach coordinator is Carey Garwood and she was kind enough to send a couple photos along of the quilts that were all hand made by their volunteers to be send overseas to families that are sorely in need of basic care.

Sandii also showed me their quiet outdoor space that gives folks a place for reflection that is beautiful. The church also partners with the city to provide the park across the street, LaPark.

Bethany Church will play host to a concert featuring Clint Black and Lexi Elisha this Christmas season. Click here to learn more about that concert!

For more information on Bethany church, visit them online or on Facebook!