A UnitedHealthcare Employee Spotlight: Robert Niemczyk

A UnitedHealthcare Employee Spotlight: Robert Niemczyk

For Robert Niemczyk, Key Accounts Senior Account Executive at UnitedHealthcare, the opportunity to establish a strong connection with partners has created a valuable, working relationship that meets their unique needs. Having been in the healthcare industry for years, UnitedHealthcare’s capacity for growth and strong client relationships drew Niemczyk to the company.

“I’ve spent my entire professional career in this industry, but with my previous employer, I didn’t see us growing, expanding, or offering new, innovative things in the marketplace,” Niemczyk said. “One of my competitors was UnitedHealthcare, and it seemed like every time I went up against them, they offered a new product, a new service, or a new approach to the industry.”

Niemczyk admired UnitedHealthcare’s approach to innovation and how it established relationships by surveying the market based on the clients’ needs.

“Let’s say a broker has a client who is interested in the Wellness Program, keeps prices low, and everything is accessible for employees,” Niemczyk said. “I have these conversations with brokers making sure they understand how we position ourselves in those key areas and how we differentiate ourselves compared to competitors.”

“At the end of the day, we can show why UnitedHealthcare is the right choice based on the client’s needs,” he said.

This innovation and attention to strategy when establishing a working relationship with brokers and partners continues to drive Niemczyk in his career.

“It’s never just about having the lowest prices,” Niemczyk said. “Making sure that we are providing the best possible solutions in terms of network strategy, pharmacy costs, plan design, benefits, and more is what stood out to me. Establishing that relationship and educating them on everything we offer and what will work for them is key.”

Niemczyk is a major college sports fan, rooting for his alma mater the Indiana University Hoosiers. He graduated from the Kelley School of Business and a number of his family members attended Indiana as well. 

In his spare time, Niemczyk is a family man and focuses on his family and three kids. At the beginning of quarantine, he and the family spent their time gardening and updating landscaping in their backyard, an activity he looks forward to doing when he gets the chance.