A Thomas Kia of Highland Employee Spotlight: Gavin Gescheidler

A Thomas Kia of Highland Employee Spotlight: Gavin Gescheidler

Gavin Gescheidler is one of the newest team members at Thomas KIA of Highland. Currently a car salesman, Gescheidler believes that confidence and enthusiasm are key factors in bettering oneself as an employee and as a person when working in this industry. 

Gescheidler began at Thomas KIA of Highland as a porter, and then eventually moved into working in the car parts department. Sometime later, he was offered a sales position at the dealership. To prepare himself for this position, he refined his communication and presentation skills as well as learned how to be a good salesman through hands-on training and video guides.

“Being a salesperson is about having the ability to make a product look appealing through your knowledge and charisma,” Gescheidler said. “Salespeople interact with a large variety of people, so I had to mold myself into an employee who can adapt and be approachable.”

Gescheidler described his general work mentality as being clear and concise. Every day, he just acts like himself and tries to be as empathetic as he can with others.

“I go in to work with a good mood and an open mind,” Gescheidler said. “I leave all of my worries at home. That way, my mental energy is positive and enthusiastic, so that I am much more confident and focused throughout my day.”

Gescheidler explained that his favorite aspect of working as a car salesman is the human interaction.

“I love working with people and seeing them smile,” Gescheidler said. “Helping them through the process of buying a car and seeing them happy about their purchase really puts a smile on my face.”

In addition to working at Thomas KIA of Highland, Gescheidler currently attends Indiana University Northwest as a full-time student majoring in business and administration. He states that his current job as a salesman is strengthening his skillset in this field over time, and he finds happiness in working with others.

“I feel both opportunities are setting me on a strong path for the future,” Gescheidler said. “I’ve met plenty of great people during the process and I have an idea now of what a great and healthy work environment through my time at Thomas KIA of Highland. It is a great place to work where the employees genuinely care for each other. and for the customers.”